How to cancel with Midjourney. What happens if I cancel immediately after subscribing?

ジャニクラゲ Midjourney(ミッドジャーニー) 使い方
Im jani jellyfish that subsks at Midjourney.

I subscribe to MidJourney's standard plan, and $30 (about 4,400 yen) per month is quite painful.

The yen is super cheap. Inflation is high. My salary is not going up. In fact, taxes will increase and disposable income will decrease.

So, how to cancel Mid Journey and what happens after the cancellation? What happens after the cancellation?


How to Cancel and After Cancellation

Type "/subscribe" in the message field of the discord and press ENTER.


MidJourneybot will post the link and you can click on it.


You will see some mysterious string of characters, but "Yes! Select "Yes!


You will see a screen like this. Note the lower right corner of this screen.


You can cancel your subscription at Cancel Plan.

By the way, you can see the details of your invoice at View details & invoices. You can also check the expiration date.


Click Cancel Plan in the previous image, and you will see this screen.

If you click "Confirm cancellation" here, you will cancel your subscription.

Strictly speaking, this is a cancellation reservation.

In other words, you can use all the functions of the subscription itself until the original expiration date.

So, if you just want to try it out for a month, we recommend that you go through the cancellation procedure immediately before you forget.


The Japanese translation of the previous image is as follows.



What if I cancel immediately after subscribing?

If you subscribe and immediately go through the cancellation process, a "Cancel immediately with refund" section will be added.

If you press "Cancel immediately with refund," you can ask for a refund. In this case, the subscriber's function will also be suspended.

Cancel immediately with refund" means "Cancel immediately with refund".

If you have subscribed by mistake, cancel immediately and ask for a refund.


A good rule of thumb for refund timing is when the combined time in relax and fast mode is less than 1% of the fast mode for that month's subscription.

If you cancel during that time, you will receive a refund.

So if you have used very little in relax mode as well as fast mode, you can get a refund.

To see how many hours you have used, type /info in the command field and press enter.


What if I leave it uncanceled?

What happens when a month passes with subs and no cancellation?

Janikurage is the result, as exactly one month passed on October 7.

On October 7, 19:28, I received a message in the DM section with Mid Journey Bot.


Just before I received this message, I could only use the relax mode because the fast mode had been used up.

And even in relax mode, image generation has become incredibly fast. This may just be because the server happened to be lighter, but it is also possible that I had been generating a large number of images (about 4300) over the past month, and was therefore being restricted in some way.

*P.S.: Each time an image is generated in relax mode, the generation time is gradually extended. It seems that the output delay in relax mode is reset by monthly subscriber updates.

MJ officially states, "If you purchase an unlimited plan, we will try to reasonably offer you unlimited access to the Services. However, we reserve the right to rate limit you to prevent quality decay or interruptions to other customers. I believe this is the reason for the delay in generating the image of the jani jellyfish this time.


Just an hour after the message I just received, I received an email from Midjourney in my Gmail with a receipt for $30 attached, confirming the purchase.


By the way, the time I subscribed the previous month was 7:25pm, but this time I received the DM on my discord at 7:28pm.

The actual contract renewal time was still 19:25 this month, but I received the notice about 3 minutes later than the renewal time.

That's all!