Breaking Down 7: Full matchup card list, everyone's profile and fight record! We will update this page as needed.

Breaking Down 7 is scheduled for February 19, 2023.

The location will be in Makuhari, a venue for 2,000 people.


The currently known cards to be played at Breaking Down 7 will be the following combinations.

  1. Yamakawa Soki vs Toshizou
  3. Sutou Kazuya vs Tanoue Kenta
  4. Sakito vs Yuji Takagaki
  5. Hagiwara Yusuke vs Nobuhara Sora (Koubai Niki)
  6. Higuchi Takehiro vs Kondo Yuta
  7. 10 Niki(Daisuke Suzuki) vs Oden TsunTsun Man
  8. Ad-lib Masao vs Kubota Satoru
  9. Iida Masanari vs Kawasima Yuta
  10. Keinosuke vs Jolly
  11. Miyajima Shou vs Yamamoto Takahiro
  12. BAN Nakamura vs. Urita Junshi
  13. Nishitani Taisei vs Yokota Kazunori
  14. Saito Kenta vs. Hachisu Kentaro
  15. Nanahara Yoshiki vs. Soy Sauce Niki
  16. Komeo vs. YUSHI
  17. Yasui Hyuma vs. Polish Assassin
  18. Iwachi vs. Mirei Kimura
  19. Serina vs Sugita Fuuka
  20. Miyazato Kaori vs. HaroAni
  21. Yucchan vs. Shitsuki Anri
  22. Iitaro vs. Achu
  23. Hosokawa Takayuki vs Sakata Sousuke
  24. SATORU vs Teru
  25. Versailles Chairman vs. Masu Mitsuki
  26. Maki Izaya vs. EdoporoKing
  27. Yukitora vs Hatsumi Ryo
  28. Mohan Dragon vs Cong Zhuwei
  29. Genki vs. world champion?
  30. Hiraishi Kouichi vs Niphael or DamoSuki or Balance Kun or Suga Arashi



Cards under consideration or rumored to be played against each other are as follows.

  1. Amada Hiromi vs Knock-on Terada?
  2. Anpo Rukiya vs Knock-on Terada?
  3. Sadayuki Tatsuki vs ???
  4. Sotohebo Hiroto vs ???
  5. Arii Koutarou vs SATORU?
  6. Doboku Neki vs Aki?
  7. Nikken Kun vs. someone who forgot his name?
  8. Nuribou vs Honda Swimming school?
  9. Gouketsu vs ???
  10. Aojiru Prince vs DJ President?
  11. Miyasako Hiroyuki vs ???
  12. Kajisakku vs Muramoto Daisuke?
  13. Toro salmon Kubota vs. Diane Tsuda?



This article will be updated with the Breaking Down 7 matchup card and what to expect, as well as the preliminary results of the games.

You can jump to the details of each matchup card from the table of contents below.



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Yamakawa Souki vs Toshizou

A match between Yamakawa Souki and Toshizou has been scheduled.

About the player Yamakawa Souki

Yamakawa Souki (real name Yamakawa Souki, age 23) is a Shorinji Kempo-based fighter.

He is a graduate of Nichidai University and was the captain of the Shorinji Kempo club during his college years.

When he was in high school (Oberlin High School), he won the championship in the men's team demonstration. It seems that he has been mastering demonstration rather than so-called full-contact Shorinji Kempo.

His Breaking Down record is 3-0. He has beaten Yamaoka, Sakito, and Yuji Takagaki.

On the other hand, he lost a decision in a sparring match against a player named Kome.

Yamakawa Souki is a handsome player and his popularity is rising.

Since his audition, he has been wearing his hair blonde, which has been controversial.


I have black hair.

- Yamakawa Souki

Perhaps in response, he is now reverting to black hair.



About Toshizou players

Toshizou, 26, is a bantamweight player who came to Tokyo from Hokkaido to grab the Breaking Dream.

His Breaking Down record is 2 wins and 2 losses. He lost to Ogura and Daichi Tomizawa, and won against Okasako and Joe Blog.

In the last tournament, he was overwhelmed by the strength of Daichi Tomizawa and was not able to make many moves.

He also regrets the previous matchup, in which he was opportunistic.


In Breaking Down, he has made an impact with such vigorous words as "Tornado," "Breaking Dream," and "Bad End. It seems that they have a lot of sponsors, and it seems that they have already captured the Breaking Dream, but this audition lacked excitement.

Whether or not the dream will continue or not is the lifeblood of whether or not he will be able to make a splash in his matchup with Yamakawa Souki.

The match-up between Toshizou and Yamakawa Souki, who seems to be very similar to Toshizou in terms of ability, is expected to be a good match. A good match is expected.


I changed the wording of the bad end, how do you like it?

- Toshizou (Tornado)

Toshizou said "bad end" in front of Yamakawa Souki, and the majority of reactions on Twitter were that he was "bored" and that he was "slipping.



Hiroya vs. MASAMUNE

A match between Hiroya and MASAMUNE has been set.


About the player Hiroya

Hiroya (real name: Hiroya Kondo, Hiroya Kondo, age 24) is one of Mikuru Asakura's students and is a professional fighter active in DEEP.

He has a record of 5 wins and 5 losses in DEEP.

At Breaking Down, he defeated Daichi Tomizawa in an MMA rules match against him.

However, he regrets that the match was not well received because he marinated his kickboxer opponent with MMA rules, and he hopes to have a fistfight with MASAMUNE.


Breaking Down 7
This time, they're going at it hard.

I'm going to knock you down!

- Hiroya Kondo



About the player MASAMUNE

MASAMUNE, 33, is an active professional fighter in the Fighting Nexus and a former outsider.

Asakura Kai, who was an outsider, says that MASAMUNE was the fighter he fought the hardest (MASAMUNE won a 3-minute, 2-round decision).

As an outsider, he had a record of 2 wins and 4 losses. He is 3-0 in Gekishin (first champion of the tournament) and 1-1 in Yamato Spirit.

He has been boxing for 2 years.

He is currently active in Fighting Nexus.

He has also shown his skills in apparel, construction, and bar management.


In an audition sparring session with Tanoue Kenta, he took advantage of his hip hook to win the match. However, he fractured his left fist in this sparring session, which will likely affect his match in February.

We look forward to a fistfight with Hiroya, who is still an active player, after his injury is fully healed.



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Sutou Kazuya vs Tanoue Kenta

A match between Sutou Kazuya and Tanoue Kenta has been scheduled.


About the player Sutou Kazuya

Sutou Kazuya, 37, is a player from Outsider.

He is 1-1 in RINGS. He is 4-3 in Outsider. He beat Yuji Takagaki by TKO during his outsider days.

He is still active as a professional fighter.


On the other hand, Sutou Kazuya is also a model. There is a rumor that he was dating Hana Imai, who appeared in Teraha.

Hana Imai was scooped as having an affair with player Hagiwara Yusuke, and a month after that report, Hana Imai left her agency.

In this audition, she sparred with Kamaru player.

She dominated Kamaru from start to finish in a striking match, winning a decision.


About the player Tanoue Kenta

Tanoue Kenta (Tanoue Kenta, 32) is a professional fighter from Outsider.

He has fought in Outsider against Asakura Kai (Asakura Kai won by TKO in 1R1 min.) He has competed in Outsider fights in 2022 and has fought a total of nearly 20 fights.

He has also been competing in RISE since September 2019. His nickname is Hot Man Full Swing.

His record in RISE is 10 fights, 3-6-1 (2 KOs).


In RISE, he fought on December 4 and lost by TKO with a cut under his left eye.

The audition was held on December 10, which means that he had an epic sparring session with MASAMUNE less than a week after the match.

In the audition, he lost a decision to MASAMUNE player, but showed a high-level match.

I am glad it was not cut.
It was nice and fun to see players like Masamune-san and Sudo-san, who were in the same class at the same time in the Outsider. I also thought the match between Mr. Hagiwara and Koubai Niki looked very interesting.

- Tanoue Kenta




Sakito vs. Takagaki Yuji

The match between Sakito and Yuji Takagaki has been set.


About the player Sakito

Sakito (Sakito, 27) is a bantamweight player from Korea (his mother is Korean).

He is the No. 1 host of "TOP DANDY" in Kabukicho, and his sales last year were nearly 200 million yen.

He has 6 years of Kyokushin Karate experience.


His record at Breaking Down is 1 win and 1 loss. He lost to Yamakawa Souki and won against Rin.

He is disappointed to have lost to Yamakawa Souki in Breaking Down 5, and he is aiming for revenge.

He also shaved his head after losing to Yamakawa Souki.

His opponent Yuji Takagaki also lost to Souki Yamakawa, and he is planning to fight the loser, win, and have a rematch with Souki Yamakawa.

Thank you for watching the audition video and DMing me!

I'm really disappointed that I couldn't make the audition more exciting this time.
However, if we were given the opportunity to play a match
I will do my best to make it exciting.
I will do my best.

It's just a stepping stone to make up for the frustration of that time, though. Old man, let's really hit it out of the park.

Please give me your support.

- Sakito

This audition was not very exciting. We are disappointed about that, but have high expectations for the battle in the main competition.



About the player Yuji Takagaki

Yuji Takagaki, 38, was an active outsider player.

He had a high fighting sense, and the organizer, Maeda Akira, described him as a gem who could become a world ranker class fighter (if he was nurtured properly).

However, he was a player who lost most of his fights at the Outsider, going 4-11, probably due to his dislike of practice.

At Breaking Down, he lost all two of his fights. His stamina is showing signs of running out, and his flexible striking has been overshadowed.

On the other hand, he is a good communicator on social networking sites and is popular for his humorous comments.

Happy New Year everyone!
The matches are tentatively set. There will still be some adjustments depending on the number of matches and topics, so we can't let up...

A Kabaddi user? What kind of strength...
I'll have to watch the anime Burning Kabaddi first lol.

- Official] Takagaki Yuuji "Hama no Yuuji" Niki Koyanagi




Hagiwara Yusuke vs Nobuhara Sora (Koubai Niki)

A match between Hagiwara Yusuke and Nobuhara Sora (Koubai Niki) has been scheduled.


About the player Hagiwara Yusuke

Hagiwara Yusuke, 39, is a 6-foot-tall player from Outsider.

He has a 7-2-1 record in outsider fights with a big win-loss record.

He was a member of the boxing club in high school and participated in the inter-high school boxing tournament, and is characterized by his high boxing skills.


He is also a successful businessman and is said to have assets of over 10 billion yen. He runs "Hagiwara Kogyo K.K." and has invested about 6 billion yen in solar power generation and real estate. When Higuchi Takehiro was invited to play with Hagiwara Yusuke, it seems that Hagiwara Yusuke treated him to so much money that he could not even pretend to take out his wallet.

Incidentally, he has also been scooped in the past for having an affair with Hana Imai, who is rumored to have had a relationship with Sutou Kazuya.


In the last Breaking Down, he faced Jolly and lost a decision, but Jolly suffered a fracture of the orbital floor in that fight, which shows his punching power.

Higuchi Takehiro also said that if his own strength is 3, Hagiwara Yusuke's strength is 10. It seems that Higuchi Takehiro thinks that Hagiwara Yusuke is three times stronger than himself.

Hagiwara Yusuke, who was unable to move as much as he wanted in Breaking Down 6, says that he runs and trains every day to regain the stamina and sharpness of his active days.





About the player Nobuhara Sora (Koubai Niki)

Nobuhara Sora (Nobuhara Sora, age 24) is a fighter with no martial arts experience.

He is from Okayama Prefecture and is also known as Koubai Niki because of his comment "Koubai kichii yo," which is the local dialect of the area.


He is currently an apprentice of Asakura Kai and is steadily improving his skills.

His Breaking Down record is 2-1. He lost to Miyajima Shou and won against Higuchi Takehiro.

Even though he was in a standing match against a grappler, his victory over professional fighter Higuchi Takehiro is a big confidence boost for him.

On the other hand, he was taken down flush in sparring by Mr. Rafael, and there are signs of weakness in his striking and poor reactions.


Mr. Nobuhara said of Mr. Hagiwara Yusuke, I can't win with the way I am now. I can never win. I have two and a half months to practice hard and win.

He is determined to train hard under the guidance of Asakura Kai and his team until February, and we can expect to see a more matured player in the competition.



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Higuchi Takehiro vs. Kondo Yuta

A match between Higuchi Takehiro and Kondo Yuta has been scheduled.


About the player Higuchi Takehiro

Higutchi Takehiro (Higuchi Takehiro, 34) is a mixed martial artist from Outsider and currently works for DEEP.

His record at Outsider is 15-3, the second and fourth champions in the 60-65 kg weight class; 2-1 in ZST; 1-0 in Pancrase; 1-0 in DEEP. 1-1 in Pancrase. 1-1 in DEEP. 2 wins at Fighting Nexus.

Strong fighter with a 1-1 record against Asakura Mikuru and wins over Kintaro and Nishitani Taisei. Specializes in submissions.

His record at Breaking Down is 0-1. He loses to Nobuhara Sora (Koubai Niki) by kickboxing rules.


Higutchi Takehiro is famous for having the opposite attitude in his audition and on YouTube. On YouTube, he is popular for his humble, respectful, and good-natured way of talking to his opponents. In auditions, he intimidates his opponents with a frightening expression as if his physiognomy has changed, and he gets the audience excited by causing a brawl. He is a first-rate fighter, but perhaps acting is actually his calling.

Since Breaking Down 6, he has left his job in the security field and is now ready to devote himself to martial arts.

As for this fight against Kondo Yuta, it is possible that it will be MMA rules, and he may be able to showcase his grappling specialty.


After this was aired, I was banned from a New Year's family gathering.
I was banned from the party by my parents.

- Higutchi Takehiro @Neonite


I didn't hit him in the audition.

I'm going to beat you to a pulp from above and beat you to a pulp in the face in this match.

- Higutchi Takehiro



About the player Kondo Yuta

Kondo Yuta (Yuta Kondo, 31 years old) is the brother of Hiroya, As Mikakura's student.

He has little background in martial arts and has fought many fights.

According to Hiroya, he was good at getting around in fights, and it seems that Kondo Yuta has a lot of experience in fighting.


Kondo Yuta has watched outsiders and knows how strong Higutchi Takehiro is. His younger brother, Hiroya, is a professional fighter who has won and lost many fights, and he respects Higutchi Takehiro for winning in the professional world.

I admire him for having the guts to challenge Higutchi Takehiro to a MMA rules match.

It seems that he felt that he could not compete under the rules that were favorable to him after he himself had started the fight.


Asakura Mikuru has sparred with Kondo Yuta, and Asakura Mikuru has the best sense. She is stronger than Nishitani Taisei in one minute. He might be able to compete with Iida Masanari. I feel sorry for Higutchi Takehiro, he lost two times in a row. He is much stronger than Nobuhara. He kneels and kicks to all of his tackles. He is a genius. He is a genius.

On the other hand, Kondo Yuta says he fainted in agony when he received a crescent kick from Asakura Mikuru in sparring. Although he is still far from the top professional level, Kondo Yuta may be the strongest amateur player in the world, not Teru.

Higuchi, I'm going to take all of yours.

- Kondo Yuta


You're going to break my arm, aren't you?
You ran away because you were embarrassed if you couldn't get it right?
I'm going to KO you, so open those little eyes and watch me!

- Kondo Yuta

On Twitter, he has been able to wrestle with Higutchi Takehiro, a player with a lot of fighting spirit.




10 Niki (Daisuke Suzuki) vs. Oden TsunTsun Man

A match between 10 Niki (Suzuki Daisuke) player and Oden TsunTsun Man has been scheduled.


About 10 Niki (Suzuki Daisuke) player

10 Niki (real name Daisuke Suzuki, age 24), a 10 Niki player (Suzuki Daisuke, age 24), was a player who lost by KO every time he auditioned.

He kept losing in the main tournament as well, going 0-2 (losses to Aojiru Prince and DJ President), and his popularity exploded due to his bluffing and overwhelming weakness.

However, his popularity has gone down since his last ordinary match, and he has started practicing seriously.


10 Niki (Suzuki Daisuke) player has stated that he will retire whether he wins or loses this match.

Is he tired of the pressure and the big change in his life after last year's breakthrough?

There was no dominance in this audition, and the decision to fight was made without any particular excitement. Perhaps that is why he is thinking of retiring.



About Oden TsunTsun Man

Oden TsunTsun Man (Yusuke Toyoshima, age 34) cried after losing to Alien Nikki on Breaking Down 6.5.

Oden TsunTsun Man became a professional snowboarder at the age of 18 and is considered athletic.

Later in 2016, he was arrested for tsunting oden at Circle K Sunkus. The situation was spread on social networking sites and caused a huge firestorm in the past.


In this audition, he demands a match against 10 Niki (Daisuke Suzuki), but tells him that he has a fracture of the orbital floor and cannot spar with him.

The 10 Niki (Daisuke Suzuki) player was not particularly agitated, but embraced him and the match was decided.

He is burning to win this time, using the disappointment of his loss in the previous match as a springboard.

10 Niki!
I'm gonna smash you so hard!
I'll poke your left eye out!

- Oden TsunTsun Man



Ad-lib Masao vs. Kubota Satoru

A match between Ad-lib Masao and Kubota Satoru has been scheduled.


About the player Ad-lib Masao

Ad-lib Masao, 33, is a bar owner.

He is a former professional boxer but has never fought professionally. He has one amateur boxing match.

The fact that he can be a professional boxer suggests that he is reasonably strong.


He had a very rough childhood, and there is a rumor that he was involved in an arson case that resulted in a fatality. Due to that incident, he is in a juvenile reformatory.

He has two divorced children, is a single father, and is currently working diligently.


He was scheduled to face Satoru Kubota at Breaking Down 6, but at the press conference the day before, Satoru Kubota suddenly attacked him with a pipe chair.

Ad-lib Masao was bleeding, and the match was canceled.



About the player Kubota Satoru

Kubota Satoru (Satoru Kubota, 27) is a player who has reportedly been arrested 10 times for repeatedly getting into fights in Aizu.

His record at Breaking Down is 2-0. He has wins over Aojiru Prince and Matsuba Daiki players.

However, his athletic ability is low and he is not a strong fighter.


In an attempt to liven up the place at the press conference the day before at Breaking Down 6, he attacked Ad-lib Masao with a pipe chair and injured him.

He immediately apologized on the Asakura Mikuru channel, and Ad-lib Masao expressed his willingness to forgive him, and this match-up was realized.

February, let's be clear.

- Kubota Satoru



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Iida Masanari vs Kawasima Yuta

Iida Masanari and Kawasima Yuta will be playing against each other.


About the player Iida Masanari

Iida Masanari (Iida Masanari, 36) is a former professional boxer ranked 10th in the Japanese welterweight division.

He is a hard puncher with a professional boxing record of 9 wins (7 KOs) and 3 losses, and a KO rate of 78%.

His Breaking Down record is 1-1, with a win over Nikken Kun and a loss to Keinosuke.

His popularity exploded after Breaking Down.


When asked about his match with Kawasima Yuta, he stated that he would "punch each other and KO him.

For more information, please see the article below.




About the player Kawasima Yuta

Kawasima Yuta, 24, is a driver aiming for RIZIN (transporting medical waste and other goods).

With a fighting style of striking head-on, he is active in Breaking Down as a great matchmaker.

His Breaking Down record is 7-1. He has shown tremendous strength.

Incidentally, Maruta Takahito is the only player to have beaten Kawasima Yuta. Maruta Takahito is currently a guard in the Breaking Down Auditions and often appears to stop brawls.


In a video collaboration with Asakura Mikuru, he also showed off his striking prowess and his wrestling ability.

He is a very humble and gentlemanly player, but when it comes to matches, he is known to turn violent as if he has changed.

Iida Masanari is also the type of player who punches hard, so we expect a good match that will inevitably result in a KO.

Please take a look, everyone!

- Kawasima Yuta





Keinosuke vs. Jolly

Keinosuke and Jolly will be playing against each other.


About the player Keinosuke

Keinosuke (real name Keinosuke Yoshinaga, age 39) is a mixed martial artist and YouTuber from Outsider.

He is the 8th head of the strongest motorcycle gang in northern Kanto, and has been practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu since he was 22 years old.

His record at Outsider is 20-9-1, and he is the first and fourth champion of the 65-70kg division.


He is 2-1 in Breaking Down. Lost a decision to player Idsuchi Tetsuya. Has wins over Mohan Dragon and Iida Masanari.

He has been assigned two fights on the main card of Breaking Down and won both of them.

He is a player of a hundred fights who is a calm fighter and accurately exploits the weaknesses of his opponents.

He is also a professional MMA fighter, specializing in grappling rather than striking, but he is also active in standing fights, such as at the Flame Expo and Gigafest.

Did they decide on a match for me?
I haven't heard anything, but...

- Keinosuke


Breaking Down's strongest man.
I beat Iida.
Jolly's not good enough for you?

- Keinosuke


I'm not running and hiding.
If you're aiming for RIZIN.
Let's do MMA.
I'll teach you.

- Keinosuke



About the player Jolly

Jolly player (Shishimoto Jiro Ryuma, age 24) is a mixed martial artist and YouTuber.

He is half Filipino with a Filipino mother.

He is also a businessman who runs a cabaret club and other businesses in Wakayama Prefecture.

He has been practicing karate since he was in the second grade of elementary school and is confident in his striking ability.


His record at Breaking Down is 2-0.

He has defeated two strong opponents, Cong Zhuwei and Hagiwara Yusuke.

He has been steadily improving his striking skills under the tutelage of former K-1 champion Anpo Rukiya, and his goal is to compete in RIZIN by the end of this year.


Meanwhile, he faced Toranosuke at Blue Star in 2021. He lost the fight by decision after being repeatedly punched in the face by Toranosuke and being taken down.

She has also collaborated with Keinosuke before, sparring with Jolly and Keinosuke. In that sparring session, Jolly was completely defeated by Keinosuke, who knocked him out and pinned him on the ground.


Please don't run away.
No one was a real champion and announced against you. They even put your name out there.
You're the best right now, and the only thing you can show is not a challenge, not a defense, but an avenging of an enemy with the pride of an outsider, right?
You're welcome.
- Jolly.


I will beat Keinosuke, and the strong men of my generation who will attack me one after another in BD.
Kawashima-kun, Koubai Niki, and others who will attack me in BD one after another.
I'm the King of Breaking Down!

- Jolly.





Miyajima Shou vs Yamamoto Takahiro

Miyajima Shou and Yamamoto Takahiro will play.


About the player Miyajima Shou

Miyajima Shou (Miyajima Shou, 34) is the manager of the brothers Asakura Mikuru and Asakura Kai.

He has known Mirai Asakura Mikuru and her brothers for a long time (Miyajima Shou is Asakura Mikuru's senior), and was invited by Asakura Mikuru to join the martial arts, having competed in the Outsiders.

It seems that he was a badass with a bill that he was the vice president of a motorcycle gang.


In Outsider, he won one match and lost one. He is 2-0 in Breaking Down, with a win over Nobuhara Sora (Koubai Niki) player.

Miyajima Shou posted on Instagram, "With Yamamoto-kun, whom I respect" and "I will do my best to win.



About the player Yamamoto Takahiro

Takahiro Yamamoto, 33, is a former OPBF Oriental Pacific bantamweight champion.

He has a professional boxing record of 27 fights with 21 wins (17 KOs) and 6 losses.

He is 2-0 at Breaking Down. He has wins over Mikkun and Nagurareya KENJI.


In the audition for Breaking Down 6, he KO'd Mohan Dragon in sparring.

However, he lost to Haime by KO after being hit by a high kick in sparring, and he had problems dealing with kicks.

We have a match scheduled against Miyajima Shou, manager of the Asakura Brothers!

I think he's the strongest opponent I've ever faced, so I'm going to give it my all, so please support me!

I don't have any particular character, and I'm a total meritocracy.

I will prove that I am the strongest in one minute 👊🏼.

Taken from Yamamoto Takahiro's Instagram.





BAN Nakamura vs Urita Junshi

A match between BAN Nakamura and Urita Junshi has been scheduled.


About the player BAN Nakamura

BAN Nakamura (Hikaru Nakamura, 45) is a businessman and engraver who runs a tanning salon and a free information center.

He has 8 years of Taekwondo experience and was quite serious about it.

Although he is good at footwork, he has a strong punch and a natural ability to hit, as he recently won a boxing-rule fight with a big-bodied ACE player at the recent Expo on Fire.

In the "KENKAI BATTLE ROYALE," he made it to the finals before losing to SATORU, but he still shows a strength that is hard to believe for a 45-year-old fighter.

His record in Breaking Down is 1-0. He defeated YUGO player who is a former professional fighter.


During his audition for Breaking Down, he appeared in a red suit and carrying a cane. He created a strong character for himself and hit the mark.

He is quick-witted and has produced numerous quotes such as "Junshi long time no see," "You ask good questions," "I don't mind if it's you," "The world won't forgive you," and "It's not a game of musical chairs."

Although his self-talk can be a bit on the nose at times, he is a powerful 45-year-old who is strong, flamboyant, and produces interesting statements and projects one after another, and we can't take our eyes off him in the future.


Now it's time to settle up...

- BAN Nakamura



About the player Urita Junshi

Urita Junshi is a 43-year-old writer and YouTuber.

His father is the second president of the Black Emperor, and he is also a member of a gang and carries a gun with him on a regular basis.

He is an outsider with a record of one win and two losses.

He is 3-1 in Breaking Down. He has wins over Komeo and Bonzu and a loss to Hiraishi Kouichi.


As for the history between Junji Urita Junshi and BAN Nakamura, Urita Junshi and BAN Nakamura were originally close friends.

However, the relationship was ruined by the "Kofu Confinement Incident. The truth of the matter is unknown, but it is certain that BAN Nakamura beat up Urita Junshi to a pulp. BAN Nakamura was arrested for injury, extortion, and destruction of property in this incident (the charges were later dropped).


Urita Junshi was the backbone of Breaking Down in its early days.

He is a strong verbal fighter, and at auditions, no matter who he is tangled with, he immediately enlivens the atmosphere with a witty line.

It was thrilling to see how quickly he would get into a brawl with a chair or other weapon.


This time it was a matchup between two people who have greatly accelerated Breaking Down's popularity.

Although BAN Nakamura is seen as having an overwhelming advantage in terms of ability, it is a match that has meaning in the very fact that the two players have a history of fighting.

It's decided that it will be BAN Nakamura.
I'm sure he'll be the best Nakamura Hikaru ever.
I'll be doing my best Urita Junshi.

Please DM Reiko if you are interested in being a pants sponsor!

- Urita Junshi & Reiko



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Nishitani Taisei vs Yokota Kazunori

A match between Nishitani Taisei and Yokota Kazunori Yokota has been scheduled.


About the player Nishitani Taisei

Nishitani Taisei (Nishitani Taisei, 26) is a professional fighter active in DEEP.

He is also a disciple of Asakura Mikuru's player.


His record in DEEP is 5 wins and 5 losses. His sharp punches are his weapon, but he also has four Ippon victories and is highly capable of submissions (especially chokes).

In this audition, he pounded and KO'd a Kabadian Issei player in MMA rules.

His record at Breaking Down is 2-0. He has wins over Haime and Tatsuya Ikemizu.

He occasionally gets flamed for his cocky? He sometimes gets flamed for his cocky comments, but his bullish and positive style may be suited for a fighter.

Asakura Mikuru vs. Ushiku Kentaro

Triforce Akasaka vs K-Clann

Nishitani Taisei vs Yokota Kazunori

Win the proxy war!
I'll be sure to connect you to my dad @horihudosanjuku

- Nishitani Taisei Nissy



About the player Yokota Kazunori

Yokota Kazunori, 44, was an active player in DEEP, Sengoku, and ONE. He is currently the president of the mixed martial arts gym K-Clann.

His professional mixed martial arts record is 25 wins and 9 losses.

He has an extraordinary career as a former featherweight and lightweight champion of DEEP.

He has also defeated such distinguished fighters as Imanari Masakazu, Oohara Juri, ISAO, and Shouji.

Asakura Mikuru also has a history of playing against Christian Lee, a player who is rumored to have overwhelmed him in Hawaii.


He is also coaching the current players Izawa Seika and Ushiku Kentaro, and although he is already 44 years old, he is able to show his students how strong he is even in practice.

In his audition, he said that he is as strong as Ushiku Kentaro's player.

It will be interesting to see how far Nishitani Taisei, a mid-level DEEP player who is still active, can go.

The match will be held under kick rules.

I will be competing in Yokota Representative BreakingDown7!
Please support us!

- K-Clann




Saito Kenta vs. Hachisu Kentaro

A match between Saito Kenta and Hachisu Kentaro (Munage Niki) has been scheduled.


About the player Saito Kenta

Saito Kenta (Saito Kenta, 27) is a member of the Asakura Kai Channel.

He has been working out and training his body to compete in physique competitions.

Although he is not athletic, he practices diligently.

His record at Breaking Down is 0-1. He cried for a while after losing to Genki.


Some Breaking Down fans did not think well of him competing in Breaking Down because of his thin character, but in this audition, he was able to get a laugh because he was able to interact well with Hachisu Kentaro player.

Happy New Year!

I was down with the flu at the beginning of the new year, but I'm much better now 😂.

I'm going to give it my all again now that I've got a match lined up!
I look forward to working with you again this year!

- Saito



About the player Hachisu Kentaro

Hachisu Kentaro (Hachisu Kentaro, 33 years old) is a professional wrestler and trainer for a professional wrestling organization called P.P.P TOKYO.

He is also known as "Munage Niki" because of his characteristic pose of plucking his overgrown chest hair.

He has been without a girlfriend for 17 years.

Saito Kenta is a player who has been without a girlfriend for 7 years.

Saito Kenta: "I don't want to be like that," which is why we decided to play against him.


Hachisu Kentaro may look like an entertaining character, but he has a certain strength and can lift 300 kg in squat and 200 kg in bench press. Iida Masanari, by the way, can bench press 110 kg.

Hachisu Kentaro lost to Kawasima Yuta by KO in a spectacular fight, but he is a very strong fighter.

Saito Kenta is expected to be overwhelmingly disadvantaged in this match.

Breaking Down 7 games have been decided!

We will do our best with full power!

- Munage Niki] Hachisu Kentaro




Nanahara Yoshiki vs. Soy Sauce Niki

A match between Nanahara Yoshiki and Soy Sauce Niki has been scheduled.


About the player Nanahara Yoshiki

Nanahara Yoshiki (Nanahara Yoshiki, age 26) is the owner of Osaka Minami Host Club.

He owns 9 restaurants including a BAR, a hormone hot pot restaurant, a shisha, and a con cafe.

He is undefeated in 7 fights in underground martial arts fighting rules.


In sparring, he wins a decision against Ryota Tsukada, who is said to be the strongest green grocer in Japan.

Ryota Tsukada was a talented player who had won a kickboxing tournament in Japan and a karate tournament in the Kanto area in the indiscriminate weight class.

He won against such Ryota Tsukada, and I think he is a very strong player.

Can we have a bachi bachi fistfight?
Let's have a hot fight 😊.
Cheer for us!
I'm looking for pants sponsors!
My price is too high.

- Nanahara Yoshiki, inexperienced host



About Soy Sauce Niki player

Soy Sauce Niki, 27, is a former player of the Japan Self-Defense Forces.

Soy Sauce Niki was a member of the Airborne Corps, which is considered one of the elite units of the Self Defense Forces.

He also has a little experience in Shorinji Kempo and boxing.


Perhaps because he was trained in the airborne corps, which is a physically demanding organization, he has a strong torso and is able to deliver strong blows with little blurring.

His Breaking Down record is 2-0. He has wins over Haime and his twin, Ken Yoshi.

The fight between Nanahara Yoshiki and Soy Sauce Niki will be a good, albeit unspectacular, match.

We will participate in breaking down7!

My opponent is an undefeated underground rated Yabajin.

I'm more of a badass than him, so we're going to have a fistfight.

Ps. I put on soy sauce beforehand.

- Soy Sauce Niki





Komeo vs. YUSHI

A match between Komeo and YUSHI players has been scheduled.


About the player Komeo

Komeo player (Daichi Numakura, age 27) is a popular player in Breaking Down.

He was the president of Fooppy Inc. but it has already gone bankrupt.

Now he is opening a restaurant as a cook. He has been popular for his videos of tasty dishes.


His record in Breaking Down is 3 wins and 2 losses. He lost to Urita Junshi and Kodai Kuroishi. He has wins over Bayan, Yukitora, and Yuji Takagaki.

He is friends with Asakura Kai, and they sometimes train together.

He has no sense of martial arts, but he is gradually developing his skills and seems to have a good punching power.

He is becoming popular because of his strength of speech, his gruffness, and his occasional kindness.

My opponent is a RIZIN Fighter.
In order to really know what I am capable of now
I'm just saying, if it's a one-minute match, I'll win.

I'm just saying, if it's a one-minute fight, I'll win.

Let's go out there and beat the crap out of each other.

- Komeo / Fighting chef.



About the player YUSHI

YUSHI (Takahiro Sugimoto, age 34) is a unique fighter who works as a host and is also active in RIZIN.

He defeated Tatsuya Nakazawa at RIZIN 40 on New Year's Eve last year.

His record in RIZIN is 3-1.

However, his opponents were not of the level of those who could fight in RIZIN, but were all amateurs.

YUSHI is not a strong stand-up fighter, and he was taken down by a high kick from Tatsuya Nakazawa.


The circumstances that led to this matchup with Komeo were that Komeo and YUSHI sparred together.

The rules of that sparring session were that YUSHI would fight with only his jab. Komeo attacked aggressively, and it became difficult to deal with him using only his jab. Then Komeo hit YUSHI with a high kick, and the player was taken down in a flash.

Komeo and others spread the word about this, and YUSHI was angered by the fact that Komeo and other players had not told anyone about the jab-only rule, which led to this match-up.



Yasui Hyuma vs. Polish Assassin

A match between Yasui Hyuma and Polish Assassin has been set.


About the player Yasui Hyuma

Yasui Hyuma, 22, is one of Asakura Mikuru's students.

He has 7 years of judo and 2 years of jiu-jitsu experience and has exceptional grappling ability.

He has competed in Breaking Down and is 3-0. He has a great ability to master joint techniques in a split second.


Having seen up close his agility and ability to master his techniques, Asakura Mikuru promises to support Yasui Hyuma in his endeavors.

Last year, an injury prevented him from performing as well as he would have liked, but he is expected to gain more exposure starting with the next Breaking Down.

He is a young hope who is expected to participate in RIZIN in the future.

1 minute MMA rules (77 kg)
Breaking Down 7 fights are set.

Polish players are strong, but we will win overwhelmingly. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

- Yasui Hyuma



About Polish Assassin

Polish Assassin 27 is a mixed martial arts player with 16 years of experience.

He started aikido because of his admiration for Steven Seagal, and has since experienced a variety of martial arts. He is now most confident in striking.

In 2014, he was the runner-up in an MMA competition called "IMMAF World Championships".

He defeated Teru at Breaking Down 6.5. He fought with a variety of attacks.

He was wobbled at times by Teru's punches, but he has the cleverness to escape the situation by successfully clinching.


This bout with Yasui Hyuma is by MMA rules.

The Polish Assassin has participated in the training camps of KSW (the largest MMA organization in Europe), where Krebel Koike and others used to be members, and he is expected to be able to handle MMA rules, but he is expected to have a tough fight against Yasui Hyuma.

BreakingDown7 Match Decision.
I got NG🙅🏻♂️ from a certain old man, so I'm going to teach biology to Tobima-chan.

- Polish Assassin



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Iwachi vs. Kimura Mirei

A match between Iwachi and Kimura Mirei has been scheduled.


About the player Iwachi

Iwachi (real name Chiharu Iwato, age 26) is an actress, video creator, and karate practitioner.

She is a four-time consecutive winner of the 2012-2015 Karate U.S. Open Tournament (junior high to high school at the time). She is also a world tournament champion and MVP, and a three-time consecutive K-1 amateur women's champion.

Iwachi was bullied relentlessly when she was a student, and it was during this time that she discovered karate, which helped her to forget the bad things she had been through by devoting herself to the practice.

Although he is a well-known karate player, Iwachi has a flabby belly, which he flaunts proudly. His gap, humor, and cheerful character have made him popular.


She has also worked as a stage actress and in the "Kankonkin Theater" chaired by Tsutomu Sekine, and is currently working as a freelance actress.

In the last Breaking Down 6, she faced Serina player.

She was tossed around by Serina's kicking techniques and lost without much success. I got the impression that her striking was not sharp and her defense was not good.



About the player Kimura Mirei

Kimura Mirei (Kimura Mirei, age 26) is a Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, and Filipino quarterback. She can only speak Japanese.

Her martial arts experience is about 5 years of Kyokushin Karate, and she is ranked 8th in the world.

He once saw his opponent, Iwachi, at the venue.


He says that his dream is to become famous in Breaking Down and to own an apparel brand.

In the Breaking Down audition, he was pitted against Bonnie player. He has a strong fighting spirit and is always moving forward, which is probably suited for Breaking Down. He also shows sharp kicks, which seem to be powerful.

He is a very strong opponent for Iwachi.

BreakingDown7 has been selected for the main competition!
Thank you to the management.

My opponent is Iwachi, who is also up in the audition video.

I will change my life to the best female ever in BreakingDown.
We are looking for people who can fight with us!
Please support us!
I would be happy if you could contact me at MG!

- Mirei Kimura




Serina vs. Sugita Fuuka

A match between Serina and Sugita Fuuka has been set.


About the player

Serina (real name: Shizurina Wada, 20 years old) is a two-time consecutive All-Japan champion in Kyokushin Karate, the first National Champion and two-time consecutive European International Champion.

She has 15 years of martial arts experience in karate and 6 years in taekwondo.

Serina was expelled from a vocational school and happened to be approached by Asakura Mikuru's YouTuber project, which led her to compete in Breaking Down.

He dominated Iwachi at Breaking Down 6 and was produced by Asakura Mikuru.


He is good at spectacular footwork, but his boxing level is low and he may not be suitable for Breaking Down rules. He says he will be learning boxing techniques from now on.

She continues to practice every day, and with her young age of 20, we can expect her to become even stronger in the future.

We feel that this player has the potential to lead the women's martial arts world in terms of both popularity and ability.

I'll do my best 💪.

- Wada Seryna



About the player Sugita Fuuka

Sugita Fuuka (杉田風夏, 26) is a woman raising three children.

She practiced full-contact karate from the ages of 12 to 18 and was ranked third in the nation in Kyokushin Karate when she was 17.

When she wanted to become a professional fighter in MMA, she found out she was pregnant. I gave up my dream of becoming a fighter.

But I still loved martial arts and could not give up my dream of becoming a professional fighter.

She wants to become famous by competing in Breaking Down and become a pro while supporting her family.


He has been practicing Muay Thai since last summer and has a record of two wins in three fights.

In his audition for Breaking Down, he fought against Anne Yoshimoto, a player.

She hit with more punches than kicking techniques, but she was a bit of a handful and seemed to be an easy opponent for Serina.

Breaking Down 7 main event!
My opponent is that Serina player!
She is a tough opponent, but she will do her best.

- Sugita Fuuka




Miyazato Kaori vs. HaroAni

Miyazato Kaori and Ro-Annie players are scheduled to play.


About the player Miyazato Kaori

Miyazato Kaori (Miyazato Kaori, 25 years old) is a female esthetician at Pearl plus Ogaki [Pearl plus], a store specializing in hair removal for beautiful skin.

Player Miyazato Kaori was caught with marijuana two years ago and is currently on probation.

She has a bad family environment, has experienced abuse and bullying, and is divorced.

She stated, "I came here to win fights and change my life."


During an audition, he became furious when a HaroAni player told him that his voice was too quiet, and proceeded to punch him.

Although the video of the moment he punched Iitaro was cut, he was able to gain an advantage over Iitaro in the brawl that followed, giving the impression that he is used to fighting.

To be honest, I was prepared to be more anti-social, so I am glad that there are people who support me. Thank you very much.

- Miyazato Kaori


I am confident that I have gone through a lot of hardships, including abuse, bullying, arrest, divorce, and suicide attempts, and I am more prepared than anyone else to audition to change my life for the better. I will not waste this chance, and I will show you how serious I am in a one-minute match. I will definitely win.
I hope you will support me 🥲.

- Miyazato Kaori




About the player HaroAni

Detailed information on HaroAni is currently unknown, but we believe that she works as a model.

HaroAni has a boyfriend, YouTuber Kubota Cooking, and they have a couple channel on social networking sites.


HaroAni says that she has experienced many fights in Roppongi. He also states on YouTube that he is a former athlete.

However, he was outclassed throughout the brawl with Miyazato Kaori, so perhaps he is not so strong in fights.

I thought it was wonderful that she was able to maintain her beautiful high-flying character even under such circumstances. I hope he will sell well.

Sorry for the unflattering catfight 😔 grabbing your hair in a fight is no fun to watch 🧚♀️.
I will try my best to be beautiful🌹

- HaroAni




Yucchan vs. Shitsuki Anri

A match between Yucchan and Shitsuki Anri has been scheduled.


About the player Yucchan

Yucchan player (real name: Yukari Nishihara, 33 years old) is a former Yoshimoto comedian and current YouTuber.

She was a 13th year student at NSC Tokyo School and was active in a trio called "Chimpei," but the trio disbanded in 2017. She is currently working as a freelancer.

She has tennis experience but no martial arts experience.


Yucchan's player episodes include the following.

I was just walking in Ikebukuro when suddenly a yankee kicked me in the knee from behind. A yankee saw my wallet and threw it at me, saying, "You ugly bitch," because I had only a little money in it.

Whenever I passed by a local convenience store, a cabaret girl who pretended to be a Yankee hung around there and hit me with a bottle lid or an empty can as if it were a game, like 80 points if it hit me on the head or 50 points if it hit me on the stomach.

Because of the above, Yutchan hated those who pretended to be Yankees and were only strong against the weak.

He wants to take that anger out on the yankee pretender who competes in Breaking Down (he hates yankee pretenders and yankee-like people, not yankees).



About the player Shitsuki Anri

Shitsuki Anri (Shitsuki Anri, age 34) is the older sister of Alien Niki.

She is an entertainer with idol experience in "stella*cot" and "TEN6," and belongs to "K-entertainment."

She is a martial artist who has been wrestling for a long time, but has no martial arts experience other than wrestling.


Because of her many years of performing, she was able to play the Yankee character in the Breaking Down auditions without fear.

Her younger brother, Alien Niki, is reasonably strong for an amateur, so it is possible that her older sister, Shitsuki Anri, is also somewhat skilled.

Breaking Down 7.
Behind the scenes of women's auditions‼️‼️‼️.

Oh my god it's getting annoying 💢.

- Shitsuki Anri




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Iitaro vs. Achu

A match between Iitaro and Achu has been scheduled.


About the player Iitaro

Iitaro player (24 years old) is a popular TikToker female.

She is a member of the basketball team and is athletic. In her mitt-hitting video, she was the talk of the town because of her strong kicks.

She also showed sharp blows in the last Breaking Down 6, showing her outstanding strength among amateur girls.


She is also rumored to be supported by Onimaru Home, a Breaking Down tournament sponsor, and is considered one of the most influential players in Breaking Down.

At the last Breaking Down auditions, he and his friend Miratamu went on a drunken rampage, causing injury to Yurina Ogata, a player who had been under fire.

However, after winning a match and apologizing, she is now the most popular player among Breaking Down girls.


About the player Achu

Achu (real name: Aoi Sakamoto, 24 years old) is a dancer who performs in Susukino, Hokkaido.

She and Marika have formed a unit called "Babylonboo" and have appeared on YouTube and TV.

She has said that she wants to be the No. 1 gal on Breaking Down and that she hates "neat and tidy bitches with bad personalities."

She has made much of the fact that she makes ass-shaking cocktails, but no one is sure what that has to do with Breaking Down.


His martial arts experience is unknown, but if he is practicing seriously as a dancer, he must be very physically fit.

He is a suitable character to be Iitaro's bitch, but he may also be a capable fighter.

BreakingDown3's ass woman is the reason why it's yellow and no revenue is coming in😇

- Asakura Mikuru

Unfortunately, the Breaking Down Audition No. 3 video has been suspended from earnings because of the ass-shaking cocktail.

In response, Achu posted an apology video on his YouTube page, but he ended up showing his butt.




Hosokawa Takayuki vs Sakata Sousuke

A match between Hosokawa Takayuki and Sakata Sousuke has been scheduled.


About the player Hosokawa Takayuki

Hosokawa Takayuki, 38, is a former professional boxer who is the 35th Japanese super welterweight champion, the 32nd OPBF Oriental Pacific super welterweight champion, a former IBF Asian super welterweight champion, and a former world number three.

His professional boxing record is 45 fights, 29 wins (9 KOs), 11 losses and 5 knockouts.

He is 0-1 with a decision loss to Teru at Breaking Down.

He currently runs a personal gym in Osaka. He is also active on a YouTube channel with player Yamamoto Takahiro.

Hosokawa Takayuki, nicknamed "Hosson," is a slightly natural player with a great sense of humor.


His personality may have gotten him in trouble with former K-1 player Kimura "Phillip" Minoru.

In a YouTube project, he will be competing against Kimura "Phillip" Minoru. He intended it to be a boxing spar, but was defeated when Kimura "Phillip" Minoru tried to kick and choke the player.

As Hosokawa Takayuki was on the ground, Kimura "Phillip" Minoru rubbed him down, gave the middle finger to the camera, and made him leave the dojo immediately.

Since this YouTube project was a "dojo-bashing," it is not surprising that he would have been beaten up until he was incapacitated again. Kimura "Philip" Minoru was not very popular, but it is normal for him to be beaten up more severely in a formal fight.

However, Hosokawa Takayuki was planning this event for entertainment purposes, and his carelessness and inability to make the necessary arrangements showed the naturalness that is typical of him.


So, Hosokawa Takayuki has lost to Teru in the standing fight, and in MMA, he was beaten by "Philip" Minoru Kimura, albeit by surprise.

At the recent Battle Millionaire, he won a decision against KENTMAN, but he showed outboxing techniques that he has developed since his active career, which is not good for the breaking down rules.

I didn't know or care about him at all when he was active in the pro boxing world, to be honest.
I'm not going to let him go past Breaking Down yet, and I'm going to beat him to death in February.

- Hosokawa Takayuki



About the player Sakata Sousuke

Sakata Sousuke, 28, is a former welterweight professional boxer.

He has a record of 7 wins (2 KOs), 6 losses, and 1 draw.

Although his record in the welterweight division is not as good as that of his opponent, Hosokawa Takayuki, he has adapted to the breaking down rules and has a win over Cong Zhuwei.

It appears that he will face Hosokawa Takayuki for the belt.

Sakata Sousuke said that after defeating Hosokawa Takayuki, he would like to defeat Kawasima Yuta or Polish Assassin, and then fight Iida Masanari for the belt. It seems that he wants to be the strongest among the Breaking Down Boxing fighters.

Mr. Hosokawa, you may have a better boxing career than me, but I am much stronger than you in breaking down rules and fights.
Also, please train your tongue more before you come to the audition, because your Japanese is better than mine.

- Sakata Sousuke





SATORU vs Teru

A match between SATORU and Teru has been scheduled.


About SATORU player

SATORU, 25, is a rapper from Brazil (moved to Tochigi at age 3).

He has a Brazilian mother and a Japanese-American father.

SATORU player has been a member of a gang called "C.M.D13" and served 1 year and 4 months in a juvenile detention center after being caught for special fraud.

He joined a gang at the age of 17.

He has now stepped away from the gang to concentrate on his music career.

He is a popular player because of his calm atmosphere and the kindness and funny words that can be seen in his coquettish appearance.


He says he has no martial arts experience, but there are rumors that he has boxing experience.

He has won all four of his fights in the Kenka Battle Royale. His opponent in the finals was BAN Nakamura.

He was 0-1 in Breaking Down. Although he lost a decision to a strong Polish Assassin, he surprised everyone by showing surprising strength.

Teru was scheduled to fight at Breaking Down 6.5, but it was canceled because SATORU player got sick.


About Teru players

Teru (Amadate Rumasa, 29) is a bar owner and YouTuber.

Despite having no martial arts experience, he has beaten accomplished former professional boxers such as Hosokawa Takayuki, as well as professional mixed martial artist Dai Sasaki.

He is highly regarded as the best amateur player.


Although he lost to the Polish Assassin, he had the upper hand in the first round, wobbling him with punches. He also has a menacing low kick that seems to carry his entire weight.

With his innate instantaneous power, he is unmatched in Breaking Down's original one-minute rule.

However, his lack of stamina is a bottleneck, making it difficult for him to win in extended-round matches.

Both SATORU and Teru have narrowly lost to Polish Assassin, and are expected to be good fighters.


However, Teru tweets that he is not keen on facing SATORU.

I opened it and found this.
I don't have any grudge against Satoru-kun.
When I watched the audition video, I thought I wanted to see a match between Todai and Satoru.
I'm not really motivated by unwanted matches...
I'd rather play with Nikken Kun.
If it's what the public wants, please spread the word so that it reaches the management!

- Teru


If Satoru-kun wants to give Todai even 1%, I'll give it to him this time.
I understand your feelings.
I want you to beat me instead.

- Teru

Teru tweeted that it would be better to set up a match between SATORU and Arii Koutarou, with whom a fateful encounter was born during the audition.

Teru himself seems to be open to a match with Nikken-kun.

It is not clear if the players can change the match once it has been decided, but it will be interesting to see what happens in the future.


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Versailles Chairman vs. Masu Mitsuki

A match between Versailles Chairman and Masu Mitsuki has been scheduled.


About Versailles Chairman

Versailles Chairman, 31, is a host who earns 100 million yen at Top Dandy, a host club in Kabukicho.

He once worked in Cambodia 10 years ago and participated in the removal of landmines in Cambodia for a month.

Since then, he has been seriously involved in activities to eliminate landmines.

He has also been really hunting White Tigers with a rifle.


Although his martial arts experience is unknown, he seems to have been physically strong enough to enter Tohoku High School, a strong school that produced Darvish, as a special student. He also participated in Koshien (as a manager).

His final education was at Teikyo University, Faculty of Medical Technology (35.0-50.0 deviation).

I think he succeeded in making an impact in his Breaking Down audition with his strong character and pleasant fighting style.

He seems to have a significant difference in ability from his opponent Masu Mitsuki, and I expect a convincing victory, and if he can win by KO, I think he is a player who can make a further leap forward in Breaking Down.

I'm going to play the pig bone doctor, so say hello!

Even if I win against this ridiculous fish...
I can't raise my stock.

Betting odds of 1.0.

It's no wonder he's going to get knocked out.
It's hard to figure out how to make a big mess.
I'm trying to figure out how to make a big, fat mess!

You're giving me a hard time, Dr. Porkchop.

- Versailles Chairman of the Mine Clearance Board



About the player Masu Mitsuki

Masu Mitsuki (Masu Mitsuki) is a dermatologist and plastic surgeon at "M's Clinic".

He was the ring doctor at the last Breaking Down.

He has made a statement like Shinogi-Moho: "Being able to heal people means being able to break them."


His martial arts experience includes a black belt in judo and kickboxing.

He was also assigned as captain of the Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine soccer team, and his positions were CF and SMF.

Incidentally, the deviation score of Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine is 65.0.

In the Breaking Down audition, he won the decision, but did not move very well.

It is expected that he will probably be overwhelmed by Versailles Chairman.

After sparring at the Breaking Down 7 auditions, we have been selected to compete in the main tournament!
My opponent is Niki Mine aka Rose of Versailles🌹.
I don't know if it's Versailles or Vermark, but I'm going to break you down ♡.

- Masu Mitsuki Fighting ring doctor





Maki Izaya vs. EdoporoKing

A match between Maki Izaya and EdoporoKing has been scheduled.


About the player Maki Izaya

Maki Izaya, 30, is the host.

She is 1-0 in Breaking Down. She has a win over Chan Edmond.

He has competed in various other martial arts tournaments and seems to be a warrior to the core, with over 35 fights.

The main groups he has participated in are Ganryujima, Kenka Battle Royale, Banquet, Masurao, and Breaking Down.


In Banquet, an underground martial arts tournament in which the hosts participate, he has been undefeated for more than 10 years and is considered the strongest host.

At last year's Expo on Fire, he won by TKO in MMA rules against BIG _KAZU, a huge fighter.

He seems to have a good impression of movement after teaming up and pounding, which explains why he wanted to have MMA rules at the next Breaking Down.

I'm only involved with my opponent the moment the match is decided.
Who is it? who is he?

I can't tell anything from that sparring.
I hope he's strong 🥰.

Who is that guy in the back? I cry

- Maki Izaya



About the player EdoporoKing

Player EdoporoKing (real name Edoporo King, 23) is half Nigerian father and half Korean mother. He is a member of Warbish TV.

He was born in Osaka, Japan.

He started playing baseball at an early age and has baseball experience at the prestigious Nittai University Kashiwa High School (4th and first).

He is a strong hitter with a total of 28 HRs in high school, but now his main occupation seems to be playing pachislot.

Incidentally, EdoporoKing's older brother is Edoporo Joseph, who plays for the Jay Project baseball team. His younger brother is Mr. Edpolo Kane (Osaka Gakuin University), who was also a draft candidate. All four siblings were born with outstanding athleticism and physiques.


They have a little experience in karate while playing baseball.

In his audition for Breaking Down, he won by KO with only four attacks: a front kick, a left hook, a right hook, and a left hook.

His precise left and right hooks, delivered from his out-of-spec physique of 203 cm and 100 kg, look powerful.

He has also begun practicing jiu-jitsu, and he is quite confident in his newaza skills. However, it is not clear whether he has adapted to the MMA rules, and there is a feeling that Maki Izaya will continue to control him by grappling with him.

A decision is not a good look for the heavyweights.
On February 4th, I'm gonna make sure I KO Maki Isaiah.
I'm going to show him the difference between what he is and what he's not.

- EdoporoKing.




Yukitora vs. Hatsumi Ryo

Yukitora was scheduled to fight Hatsumi Ryo (Kodai Kuroishi's bodyguard) at Breaking Down 6.5.

However, the match did not take place due to Yukitora's illness.

It was announced in a video on the Komeo Channel that Yukitora and Hatsumi Ryo were scheduled to fight at Breaking Down 7.


About the player Yukitora

Yukitora (real name Yukitora Kinjo, age 24) is a rapper, also known as 69 Niki.

He is famous for his strange movements before and after auditions and matches, but the music he makes is often wonderful. Perhaps he is an artist with a surprisingly sensitive sensibility.

I wondered if the tattoos on Yukitora's face and other parts of his body were written with a magic marker or real tattoos, but it seems that they are real tattoos.


His record at Breaking Down is 0-1. He lost a decision to Komecho.

He has no particular martial arts experience, lost in an audition sparring session due to a dislocated shoulder, and has not been able to achieve any results in a fight.

He has been attending a boxing gym since competing in Breaking Down.

After competing against Komeme-Choice at Breaking Down 5.5, Komeme-Choice and Yukitora often collaborate with each other on YouTube and other sites.



About the player Hatsumi Ryo

Hatsumi Ryo (Ryo Hatsumi, age 36) was an old friend and classmate of Takahiro Kuroishi from junior high school. His nickname is "Hacchan.

He is Kodai Kuroishi's publicist, bodyguard, and manager.

He is a member of the Yokohama Gidokai, of which Kodai Kuroishi was the president.

His martial arts experience is unknown, but he has participated in underground martial arts.


He has been helped by Kodai Kuroishi for a long time, and he seems to be a person with a sense of duty who would never betray Kodai Kuroishi. Kodai Kuroishi has said that he would never betray him even if he loaded Hatsumi Ryo with 10 million yen, and they trust each other.


Yukitora has been treated like a prefect's pupil of Komeme's before long, and the match will take on a proxy war-like structure: Takao Kuroishi's prefect vs.


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Mohan Dragon vs Cong Zhuwei

The match between Mohan Dragon and Cong Zhuwei players has been set.


About the player Mohan Dragon

Mohan Dragon (real name Maharajan Mohan, 45) is an active professional player from Nepal.

He is the runner-up in the K-1 WORLD GP 2017 welterweight tournament, Bigbang welterweight champion, and MA Japan super lightweight champion.

His professional kickboxing record is 17-14-3 with 11 KO's and he is a hard puncher.


He is 1-2 in Breaking Down. He lost to Keinosuke and Oguchan. He has a win over Dai Sasaki player.

In his Breaking Down 6 audition, he sparred with Yamamoto Takahiro over daisies and lost to him by TKO.

Recently, Mohan Dragon's fights have become more and more one-sided, as he stops and sticks to his feet and is subjected to one-sided attacks by his opponents. He was never a good footwork player to begin with, but he has become so prone to taking punches to the face that it is dangerous to fight.


He participated in the Breaking Down 7 audition as an applicant. No particularly notable remarks could be seen in the video.

He is also known as a fearless wife-beater and has become popular on his YouTube page, where he is often shown being ruined by his wife.


On December 27, 2022, he was hit by a car driven by a drowsy driver while riding a motorcycle and was blown 50 meters off the road. Although there was no external injury, headache, neck pain, and back pain appeared, casting a pall over his participation in the main competition in February.



About the player Cong Zhuwei

Cong Zhuwei, 29, is a businessman from China.

He has 2 years of martial arts experience in Taekwondo, 1 year in boxing, and 1 year in MMA.

He has also competed in Outsider and has one win and one loss.

His record at Breaking Down is 0-2. He has losses to Jolly and Sakata Sousuke.


Cong Zhuwei founded a fight team called "919 (Kuppinku)" with about 50 fighters, and they used to run rampant in Yokohama.

He is now a wealthy man who runs a cabaret club and a personal gym for a living.


Both of Cong Zhuwei's opponents in Breaking Down were strong opponents, and they were tough opponents for Cong Zhuwei, who has lived mainly as a street fighter.

This time, he will be facing another active professional fighter, Mohan Dragon. Cong Zhuwei has a fighting style that will not back down, no matter who his opponent is, so I think this will be a good match.





Genki vs. world champion?

The audition portion of Genki's participation was cut entirely, but the match has been scheduled. His opponent is unknown, but is said to be a world champion.


About the player Genki

Genki (real name: Motoki Ishikawa, 27 years old) is a YouTuber popular for his pick-up projects.

Genki studied abroad during his college years and is fluent in English; he has a TOEIC score of 900 and has been asked to work as a translator.

Genki has a girlfriend named Sally in New York City.


Genki once aspired to be a professional kickboxer, but failed. He has been kickboxing for about two years.


His record at Breaking Down is 2 wins and 1 loss. She lost to Yoshida-kun. Defeated Yutaro Yamashita and Saito Kenta.

By the way, the opening match of the 0th Breaking Down was Genki and Yoshida-kun.

The 0th convention was an experimental convention for Breaking Down. You can see that the production and facilities were inferior to what we have today.

This was where Breaking Down began.




Amada Hiromi vs Knock-on Terada?

Possible match between Amada Hiromi and Knock-on Terada player. It is not yet confirmed.


About the player Amada Hiromi

Amada Hiromi (real name Amada Hiromi, age 49) is a former K-1 player.

He is so belligerent that there is an anecdote that when he was in high school, he belonged to a motorcycle gang and fought for 60 days straight.

With boxing as his backbone, he was active in K-1 and other sports.

His major titles include former HEAT Kick Rules heavyweight champion and K-1 Japan GP champion. Winner of the All Japan Amateur Boxing Championship.


In an interesting career move, he teamed up with former K-1 player Nobu Hayashi from Tokushima Prefecture to compete in the "King of Contest" in 2014 and wowed the audience (lost in the first round).


In amateur boxing, he has 86 wins and 16 losses.

In kickboxing, his record is 47 wins and 26 losses. he is a hard-hitting fighter with a KO rate of about 50%, as well as an impressive number of fights. there was a time when he was fighting once every six weeks.


He has fought many legends in kickboxing, including Andy Hug, Mirko Cro Cop, Jerome Le Banna, Mark Hunt, Mike Bernardo, Ray Sefo, Gary Goodridge, Ruslan Kalaev, Gaoghry Gehnorasin, Butterbean, and Musashi. He has experienced epic fights (and lost by KO in most of them).




He has not fought a kickboxing match since 2016, a gap of about seven years.

At 49 years old, he is very old for a fighter, and with his pale complexion, there are doubts about his ability to compete with Knock-on Terada.

I have the impression that he ended up as a mere pawn in K-1, but I think he is a player who had the ability and personality to be a hero in Breaking Down if he had been born later.



About the player Knock-on Terada

Knock-on Terada player (real name: Koji Terada, age 38) is a YouTuber and security guard.

He is a heavyweight fighter, 184 cm 150 kg, and is a former member of the Japanese national rugby team.

Although he calls himself a rugby YouTuber, his channel is more of a martial arts channel.


Knock-on Terada has the strength to bench press 210 kg and the fighting sense to punch and kick in a reasonable manner. However, he has no stamina at all, and he himself complained about the extended rules, saying, "Let's not have an extension.


When sparring with Rukiya Anpo, Anpo Rukiya told Knock-on Terada, "If we fight, I will lose. I admit that. But in kickboxing, I won't lose. Anpo Rukiya also spoke highly of Knock-on Terada's ability.


In a kickboxing sparring session with Anpo Rukiya, Knock-on Terada was unable to stop his thrusts with kicks, partly because Anpo Rukiya was wearing leg guards.

Meanwhile, Knock-on Terada cornered Anpo Rukiya against the wall (mirror side) and hit him with a series of punches. Staff members, sensing the danger, intervened to stop him.

Knock-on Terada was offered the next round by Anpo Rukiya, but he refused because his stamina was depleted.

However, in sparring only one round, I had the impression that Knock-on Terada was rather stronger than the other player.


It is still unclear whether or not he will fight Amada Hiromi, but if he does, Knock-on Terada would have a slight advantage.



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Anpo Rukiya vs Knock-on Terada?

Anpo Rukiya's opponent is unknown, but he may face Knock-on Terada.


About the player Anpo Rukiya

Anpo Rukiya (Anpo Rukiya, 27) is a former K-1 WORLD GP super lightweight champion.

He has been a well-known karate fighter since elementary school and has won numerous competitions and appeared on TV and other media.

His professional kickboxing record is 25 wins and 6 losses.

Whether he wins or loses, Anpo Rukiya's fights often end in a powerful KO play, and his aggressive fighting style is very interesting and has many fans.


Since his contract with K-1 expired at the end of last year, he is now free to choose where he fights.

Because of this, it is almost certain that he will be competing in Breaking Down.

Members of Anpo Rukiya's YouTube channel, such as Jolly and Teru, are active in Breaking Down, and it will finally be the general's turn. However, it is very likely that Anpo Rukiya will not continue to participate in Breaking Down, but will be a one-off entry.


As mentioned above, Anpo Rukiya sparred with Knock-on Terada, and the two players were almost evenly matched, or Anpo Rukiya was slightly outclassed.

It was a great thing for him to be sparring with someone twice his weight, but Knock-on Terada lied about it during his audition, saying that he had beaten Anpo Rukiya to a pulp.

Hearing this, Anpo Rukiya appeared in front of Knock-on Terada and demanded unlimited sparring time.


Knock-on Terada was not informed that Anpo Rukiya was on site, and he was very impatient, saying that he was trying to show Asakura Mikuru that he was a good player.

Knock-on Terada had collaborated with Anpo Rukiya and was good friends with him, so I think he was frightened by Anpo Rukiya's sudden appearance and his angry, blood-curdling behavior.

Impatient, Knock-on Terada could not even reply well, and he became teary-eyed and refused to fight. The sparring did not take place. (I also have a story that Knock-on Terada had taken a paid day off on the day the audition was to be held, but the audition date and time had been changed before he knew it. (I had taken a paid day off on the day of the audition, but before I knew it, the audition was changed.)


Knock-on Terada was caught by surprise, and the Breaking Down audition went in Anpo Rukiya's favor.

If Knock-on Terada presents the rules in his favor, I think there is a good chance that he and Anpo Rukiya will be able to go head-to-head on equal terms.

It may be possible to rework the rules and have a match-up between Anpo Rukiya and Knock-on Terada in Breaking Down 7.


— ノッコン寺田

Knock-on Terada has requested a match with Anpo Rukiya when he began to hear a few requests for a fight with him here and there.



Anpo Rukiya, on the other hand, says he would rather fight a strong foreign player, and names Kimura "Phillip" Minoru, who recently KO'd Yusuke Yaji at Ganryujima, as his opponent.


Therefore, it is unknown at this time whether Anpo Rukiya's opponent will be Knock-on Terada, Kimura "Phillip" Minoru, or another player entirely.

We will update this page as soon as we know more details.




Sadayuki Tatsuki vs.

Sadayuki Tatsuki, who had an intense sparring session with Sotohebo Hiroto at the Breaking Down auditions, was assured of a place in the main event.


About the player Sadayuki Tatsuki

Sadayuki Tatsuki (Tatsuki Sadayuki, age 26) is a tall player, standing at 193 cm.

He has 3 years of MMA experience.

He has a record of 1-0 in Outsider and 0-1 in RISE NOVA.

Sadayuki Tatsuki is not a big fan of social networking sites, which is unusual in this day and age.


Sadayuki Tatsuki comes from an institutionalized background and was raised in an environment where he was rubbed up against the world.

He has realized that nothing in this world can be solved by violence.

He says, "I want to compete in a cool way so that I can show the children of the future that there is something to be gained from fighting legitimately.

In his audition for Breaking Down, he fought Sotohebo Hiroto, and despite being pushed into the ring, he boldly put out his hands and won by KO.

We hope that he will be the kind of player that kids will look up to.




Sotohebo Hiroto vs?

Sotohebo Hiroto, who had an intense sparring session with Sadayuki Tatsuki at the Breaking Down auditions, has been assured of a place in the main event.

His opponent is yet to be determined.


About the player Sotohebo Hiroto

Sotohebo Hiroto (Sotohebo Hiroto, 22) is a player who earns his living by working part-time as a construction scaffolder. He has cut back on his work to focus on Breaking Down and has also left the kickboxing gym where he had been a member for four years.

He was born in Miyazaki Prefecture and lives in Atsugi City, Kanagawa Prefecture.

His martial arts experience includes karate and kickboxing. In sports, he pitched in an exchange game with Taiwan when he was in elementary school. He holds a 2nd class surfing license.


During the audition for Breaking Down 7, he told a shocking story about reporting his drug-addicted mother, which struck a chord with BAN Nakamura and Urita Junshi players.

It is not known where the reported mother is in prison or how long she is serving her sentence, but she wants to show her mother the fine way she fights in Breaking Down. He also wants to help his mother get rid of her drug addiction so that they can live happily together.


However, some viewers have asked him if he is not making up stories about his mother, such as that he reported her and that he is serving time in prison. Sotohebo Hiroto received some heartless comments from viewers who thought that he was making up the story about reporting his mother and serving time in prison.

Sotohebo Hiroto commented on his blog as follows.

We have received many defamatory messages at the same time.

Liars, made-up stories, actors, etc.

I participated in the audition with the determination to help my mom even if it meant humiliating myself.

There is no one more important than my mother.

I want to save my mother.

I am not making anything up.

It is also true that I reported my mother.

It is also true that she is still in prison.

It is also true that I don't know where she is in prison.

I can't go into details because it would cause trouble for my mom and the people around me, but it's all true.

However, this is not my mother's first offense.

She has lost herself due to drug addiction.

I didn't want to see her broken any more.

That's why I reported it.

I think she hates me.

The situation is much, much more serious than people think.

I will spend my life in Breaking Down.

I'm going to practice a lot, I'm going to be active.

I'm going to climb up from the bottom of my life with my mom.

He is a very passionate player.

I want to support him. I would love to see him play an active role in the main competition. I also hope that he will be reunited with his mother and live happily ever after.




Hiraishi Kouichi vs Niphael or DamoSuki or Balance Kun or Suga Arashi

Hiraishi Kouichi has been selected for a match. His opponent will be decided after sparring among Niphael, DamoSuki, Balance-kun, and Suga Arashi players.


About the player Hiraishi Kouichi

Hiraishi Kouichi, 20, is a half Filipino player.

He is 183 cm tall.

He has a Japanese father and a half-Filipino, half-Chinese mother.

He was sent to an orphanage at the age of two, where he lived with his four brothers (he has seven brothers in total).


My martial arts experience is one year of boxing. In sports, I have been a member of the basketball team.

His record at Breaking Down is 2-0.

He is the only player to have ever gotten dirt on Urita Junshi (3-2 decision win). In Breaking Down 6, he teamed up with Soy Sauce Niki to defeat his twin, Yoshiken.

【Men's Edition] #BreakingDown7 vs. Card 2️⃣2️⃣.

DamoSuki @jp_damoski TikToker
Niphael @NIPHAELxR Rafael approved fake
Balance Kun @gai_maito Balance is important for a dancer.
Suga Arashi, a recluse.

One of the above 4 will play against Hiraishi Kouichi @hirasan666

- BreakingDown - Breaking News



Player Niphael.


DamoSuki player.


Balance Kun.


Suga Arashi player.



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Arii Koutarou vs. SATORU?

About the player Arii Koutarou

Arii Koutarou (Arii Koutarou, 21 years old) is a junior member of the University of Tokyo's Sumo Club. He is 176 cm tall.

Although he claimed the title of captain of the University of Tokyo's Sumo Club, the captain of the club is fourth-year student Daiki Koyama, and Arii Koutarou is in charge of new members.

In addition, Arii Koutarou has been a member of the Sumo Club since he was a sophomore. He has not had a year of experience in sumo.

To begin with, the University of Tokyo Sumo Club is weaker than other university sumo clubs and almost always loses in team competitions.

Although Koutarou Arii Koutarou has competed in individual and team competitions, his winning percentage is about 20%.

His other martial arts experience appears to be Shorinji Kempo and kung fu.


Koutarou Arii Koutarou put on a show at the audition when he and SATORU cut off each other's legs.

His title of being the captain of the Sumo Club (a lie) while being an active student at Tokyo University is also interesting.

And his speech is also good in the style of an intellectual character of Tokyo University.


Although it was cut in the film, he seems to have sparred with someone in an audition and won.

Because the sparring session was a bit of a mess, Asakura Mikuru's rating is low, but she has a good reputation among viewers, so I think she has a good chance of competing in the main tournament.

I'll take anyone who stands in my way.

I'll deal with anyone who stands in my way.

But honestly, I don't have any hatred for you.

I don't hate you.
I'm just trying to be nice to you.

And before I go any further...

I'm not going to try to stir things up this time.

I'm just competing with you.

But if there's even a 1% chance

I really want to beat the University of Tokyo.


SATORU, who was on the verge of a brawl with Arii Koutarou, tweeted the above.

SATORU has been scheduled to fight Teru, but he still wants to fight Arii Koutarou.

Teru is also not keen on facing SATORU, so the "Teru vs SATORU" card may flow following Breaking Down 6.5. Instead, the cards "SATORU vs Arii Koutarou" and "Teru vs Nikken-kun" are emerging.


Details will be provided later.



Doboku Neki vs Aki?

Doboku Neki and Aki (blue hoodie) may have a match.


About the player Doboku Neki (Sakamoto Ruka)

Doboku Neki (real name Sakamoto Ruka, 24 years old) is a female fighter who will be making her professional debut on February 12, 2023.

She has 6 years of martial arts experience in Shorinji Kempo and 1 year of kickboxing, and was a member of a strong soccer team.

She has been working as a civil engineer for 6 years and is considered to have plenty of power. His grip strength seems to be as high as 55 kg.

He will have a kickboxing match with Satoko Ozawa at KPKB (Kyushu Professional Kickboxing) on February 12.


Doboku Neki (Sakamoto Ruka) player gave birth to her first son at the age of 17. She has also experienced divorce.

She currently lives with her three children.


Her Breaking Down record is 1 win and 1 loss.

In Breaking Down 5, he defeated Mikazuki Ueda. In Breaking Down 6, she lost a decision to Ayaki Kitamura.

How strong is strong, which is stronger?
Let's do it in 7.
I knew I was going to lose in 6, so I forced myself to make time to practice every day.
I'm so much stronger than I was then.

- Sakamoto Ruka Doboku Neki



About the player Aki

Aki (a.k.a. Blue Parker, age unknown), a player who participated in the auditions for Breaking Down 6, was not selected for the main competition.

He was able to participate in the audition again this time, but his participation in the main competition is in jeopardy.

He was unable to speak back to Iitaro, who lectured him on his poor appeal. Aki was in desperate need of help, and Doboku Neki (Sakamoto Ruka) came to her rescue.

Doboku Neki (Sakamoto Ruka) requested a match against Aki, but the management said it was still under consideration.


Aki had an experience of working as a cabaret girl in Omiya, and once became No.1. After that, she changed her job to real estate business and worked diligently.

On the other hand, she has a criminal record and has been in many fights in the past. He was undefeated in those fights.

He has no particular experience in martial arts.

Traffic jam of characters (°-°)
I wonder what will happen to the match.

Can we do it if everyone wants to watch it?

- Aki


Details will be provided later.



Nikken Kun vs. someone who forgot his name?

Nikken Kun will spar and win in this audition, but his participation in the main competition is now in jeopardy.


About Nikken Kun

Nikken Kun, 31, is, as his name suggests, a Nippon Kempo-based fighter.

His martial arts experience includes 22 years of Nippon Kempo, 3 years of Sumo, 3 years of Judo, 1 year of mixed martial arts, and 1 year of Karate.

His record at Breaking Down is 1 win and 3 losses. Defeated Daigo Kuramoto, Kawasima Yuta, and Iida Masanari. He has a win over Oseyo Yamada player.


He was cut from the last audition and did not make it to the main competition, but he has continued to challenge.

He was determined that if he missed the audition this time, there would be no next time, and he is shown in the video earnestly trying to win the audition in person against Asakura Mikuru.


Many players who fought Nikken Kun became famous, including 10 Niki (Daisuke Suzuki) and Iida Masanari (Suzuki Daisuke).

I think it would be a good idea to send Nikken Kun to the main tournament as a catalyst for the birth of a new star.

It is regrettable that you chose to spar with a drawn-out style this time. If he had fought hard as usual, I think he would have been selected for the main tournament immediately.


Gouketsu interviewed Nikken Kun on YouTube.

In the interview, Nikken Kun reported that he had decided on his opponent.

Nikken Kunken forgot the name of his opponent, so we don't know who he is at this moment.

I don't know how much I can tell you, man.

You want to tell me, but I'm supposed to hold back, right?
I've reached out to you. You're gonna have to respond.

You know I love Breaking Down, right?

I'm a sweetheart.

- Nikken Kun.

However, Nikken Kun tweeted the above.

The audition was supposed to have determined Nikken Kun's opponent, but in the Breaking Down audition video, Nikken Kun's opponent was still under consideration.

Nikken Kun must have been baffled by the content of the video, as he had never heard of it.

As of now, the match-up between SATORU and Teru seems to be in the offing, and the possibility that Teru's opponent will be Nikken Kun has emerged. It is thought that Nikken Kun's match-up has been postponed because of this, but the truth is unknown.




Details will be provided later.


Nuribou vs Honda Swimming school?

Nuribou, a player who must have made many viewers, including Asakura Mikuru, laugh.

He lost to Gouketsu in sparring, but declared war on the Honda Swimming school player.


Nuribou is confirmed to participate in Breaking Down 7, but it is still unknown who his opponent will be.

The match against 10 Niki player for the new and old comedy slot will be exciting, but 10 Niki player has already been confirmed to face Oden TsunTsun Man. In this trend, Honda Swimming school player may be a reasonable choice.

About the player Nuribou

Nuribou, 30, is a YouTuber who will be joining Asakura Mikuru's MA Promotion after this audition.

He is a former comedian from Yoshimoto Kogyo and has been kickboxing for one year.


He gained popularity by performing a very good song in a pick-up project. He is also fluent in English.

He suffered a broken toe in sparring with Gouketsu, and his participation in Breaking Down 7 is confirmed, depending on the condition of his injury.


For more information, please see the article below.




About Honda Swimming school players

Honda Swimming school player (real name: Masato Honda, age 33) is a comedian belonging to Grape Company.

He is a 34th graduate of Osaka NSC.


His martial arts experience is unknown, but he has been swimming since kindergarten and has achieved results in the backstroke in the high school all-around competition.

He is well known among Breaking Down fans for his impersonation of Asakura Kai players.

The gag "basha basha" is performed every time, but it has not yet gone viral.

During the auditions, Asakura Mikuru has requested to spar with Nuribou, and Nuribou has also requested to fight against him.




Details will be given later.


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Gouketsu vs?

Defeated Nuribou in audition sparring. He is being considered to participate in the main tournament.


About the Gouketsu players

Gouketsu player (real name: Wataru Nishikawa, 49 years old) is a YouTuber and arm wrestling dojo owner.

He has shown unparalleled strength in armwrestling, winning the World Masters 80kg championship and Armwrestling All-Japan 75kg, 80kg, 85kg, 90kg, and 100kg. He has won two Armwrestling World Championships Senior and Masters titles.


His record at Breaking Down is 0-1. He was defeated by Kawasima Yuta player.


In his audition at Breaking Down 7, he sparred with Nuribou and won.

However, the referee stopped the fight after Nuribou fell and hit him hard on the back of the head, rather than striking him to win.

It was not as if Gouketsu's player left a mark.


He also lost a decision to Keita Tsuji at the recent Battle Millionaire (Keita Tsuji lost a decision to President Megane at Breaking Down). It seems likely that he may be eliminated from this tournament due to his ability.



Aojiru Prince vs DJ President?

Yuta Misaki, aka Aojiru Prince, defeated 10 Niki in Breaking Down 6.

Aojiru Prince is in the weakest class, but he proved that he is better than 10 Niki, who is also the weakest candidate.


DJ President intervened in the cage and demanded a match against Yuta Misaki.

DJ President has also won the weakest candidate matchup against 10 Niki, and he says that he will be moving up the ladder one by one.

Yuta Misaki agreed to DJ President's request and promised to fight at Breaking Down 7 or Breaking Down 8.

Therefore, there is a high probability that he will fight at Breaking Down 7.



Miyasako Hiroyuki vs.?

Mr. Miyasako Hiroyuki has been working as a ring announcer and other duties in Breaking Down.

Miyasako Hiroyuki had expressed his desire to participate in Breaking Down 5, but his wife was angry with him and he withdrew.

Nevertheless, he said that his interest in Breaking Down is still unabated, and said, "If I watch Aojiru Prince's fights, I think I could do it too..." He is 52 years old, but he is still a fighter.

At 52 years old, he is getting older as a fighter, but competing in Breaking Down 7, which is expected to draw a great deal of attention, is likely to have a positive impact on his future and he may even compete.



Kajisakku vs Muramoto Daisuke?


Mr. Kajisakku and Asakura Mikuru had a conversation on the YouTube channel "Kajisakku's Little Room" (video above).

Asakura Mikuru requested that Mr. Kajisakku participate in Breaking Down.

Asakura Mikuru had been trying to persuade Kajisakku to fight in Breaking Down for some time, and once Kajisakku agreed to do so.


However, this time, Kajisakku said, "To be honest, I don't want to be a part of Breaking Down. As a fan, I don't want to see Breaking Down with me in it. Don't you need an entertainment slot?"

Teru Asakura replied, "No, Breaking Down is based on three axes. There are people who are really strong, people who are really weak and fight a lot, and people who are funny.

When Kajisakku explained the need for an entertainment framework, he said, "I see... I'll take it back with me. I'll take it home with me for now," he said, reserving his attitude.


Asakura Mikuru asks if there is any chance for the players to have a fateful confrontation with other comedians. and continues the conversation.

Mr. Kajisakku immediately replied, "Toro salmon Kubota and Diane Tsuda. Something like that would be good.

Then Asakura Mikuru said he would do it. He said that he was going to do it, which could be taken to mean that the match had already been decided.


Furthermore, isn't Asakura Mikuru a player? That kind of thing? and turned the conversation to Mr. Kajisakku.

Is Mr. Kajisakku me...or is it Muramoto...? He said that if it was Muramoto of Woman Rush Hour, the public might get excited.

Asakura Mikuru immediately looked at the camera and said, "Then the match is decided.


Mr. Kajisakku wants to get out of the situation, but Asakura Mikuru tells him to tell Mr. Muramoto to get in front of the camera.

Mr. Kajisakku stands in front of the camera and says, "Muramoto...I'll call you through the manager anyway. He declares that if you are willing to do it, let's really do it.

Depending on Mr. Muramoto's answer, a match at Breaking Down 7 is now highly likely.



Toro salmon Kubota vs. Diane Tsuda?

As mentioned above, in a conversation between Mr. Kajisakku and Asakura Mikuru, Asakura Mikuru said that Toro salmon Kubota and Diane Tsuda will fight each other.

It is not clear if this is at Breaking Down, when, or if it was a joke, but there is a possibility that they may fight at Breaking Down 7.



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This year's fight card is said to be so extravagant that it will greatly surpass Breaking Down 6.

According to Higutchi Takehiro, "It's so extravagant that I wonder if we will be able to open a tournament that exceeds the Breaking Down 7 card in the future.

We will update this article as more cards are confirmed or if we hear any credible rumors.


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