How Long Will Illustrators, Animators, and Cartoonists Disappear with AI? A summary of what celebrities have to say about why.

Recently, image-generating AI such as Midjourney and "Stable Diffusion" have become a hot topic.

These are wonderful tools that allow anyone to create high-quality illustrations simply by entering text, but there are fears that they will take away the work of professional artists.

We have compiled a list of what celebrities have to say about the future of image generation AI, whether professional artists will be able to make a living, and whether it should be allowed.


Statement by Toshio Okada

Toshio Okada spoke about image generation AI. Below is a summary.


Brief biography of Toshio Okada: "Representative Director of Otaking, Inc.; Representative Director of Cloud City, Inc.; Founder of FREEex; Former President (first) of Gainax, Inc.; Former Adjunct Lecturer at the University of Tokyo, College of Liberal Arts; Former Visiting Professor at Osaka University of Arts, Department of Character Formation."


The argument that AI is bad doesn't stand a chance.

I think it's a good thing that AI is not a good drawer, because it's not a good artist.

So, I don't think the argument that AI is no good just because AI stole the patterns and drawing styles of their own drawings from their own drawings has no chance.

It doesn't mean that if AI mixes various drawings, it will be criticized, and if a human does it, it will have originality.


The Future of Illustrators (Painters)

Illustrations can be used free of charge at "Irastoya," a free material site. The last three years have seen a tremendous shakeout of the small illustrators in town who used to draw for local governments and small stores, and thanks to this, they are no longer able to make a living.

The next trend is that people who have a bit of originality and who are above the so-called "town illustrators" will have their jobs taken away by AI, and will be eliminated.

The super-major illustrators, such as Akira Toriyama, Katsuhiro Otomo, and Eiichiro Oda, whose work is valuable in itself, will be fine.


The Future of Animators

Animation drawing is becoming increasingly unmanned.

The human who draws the storyboards will probably come up with ideas for the movements that will make it easier for AI animators to draw.

In other words, we want to show a little bit of this cut, so we order a human to do it. In other words, we want to show this part, so we order a human to do it.

AI is particularly suited to moving cuts that are complex, with many details and shadows, which used to be a burden on human animators.

As a result, the quality of animation seems to have improved. The production cost of animation is going down, and the animators who have been working hard to make a living in the animation industry will no longer be able to make a living.

The original drawings may still survive, but in the future, animation will be a little more difficult.

The Future of Cartoonists

Manga is just as demanding as animators.

AI also learns how to split frames and how to present the panels and spreads of a manga.

For example, the way the creator of Bleach used the title "Bleach" is also subject to deep learning by AI.

As more and more manga are produced, more and more data will be accumulated, and it will be possible for AI to learn how to show the manga and how to automatically generate manga.

It is already clear that this will become possible within a few years.

What I am saying will be made into a cartoon in a few seconds and uploaded to YouTube in the form of a slow commentary in a few seconds.

There will be major changes in 3 years, and writers will be in jeopardy in 5 to 10 years.

Of course, the very best animators, the very best cartoonists, and the very best painters will survive.

But most cartoonists will cease to exist as a profession. The same goes for assistants.

In about three years, we will see a big change.

The final change, the issue of whether they can eat or not, will take another 10 years or so.

It will take about 5 to 10 years for them to become really dangerous.

I am a little too far ahead of my time in predicting the future, but I am right about what I think will happen.

I am not talking about next year or the year after, but five or ten years from now.

It is not a question of whether it is good or bad. If you think that it should not be so, you will be out of sync, but that is how the times are.



Statement by Akihiro Nishino

Akihiro Nishino spoke about image-generating AI. The following is a summary.


Biography of Akihiro Nishino "Japanese comedian, picture book author, and writer. He is the comedian of the comic duo King Kong. His partner is Yuta Kajiwara. His pen name as a picture book author is Akihiro Nishino."


A professional painter is defeated by an amateur.

The genre of art has been given the scalpel of the times. It is AI art.

Now, "Midjourney" is the super ace of AI art.

Yesterday, I was having fun with my company's staff, wondering how to instruct the AI to successfully draw "Puppel in Wonderland".

The interns and some of my high school classmates who had no artistic ability drew a picture in a minute or two using Midjourney.

The picture they drew was much better than my "Puppel in Wonderland."

I laughed a little more. I've been drawing pictures for about 17 years, but I was beaten by an amateur in one minute. I think it's definitely good to know this kind of thing.


The time will come when the phrase 「I can't draw」 will cease to exist.

In the area of concept art, the ability to give instructions to an AI will surely become more important than the ability to draw.

When that happens, "I can't draw" will become as strange as "I can't take pictures," in other words, it will become a classic phrase. In other words, it becomes a classic phrase.

In the past, only experts could take pictures, but nowadays it is commonplace for anyone to be able to do so. In the same way, it is no longer necessary to be a specialist to draw pictures.

Please try Midjourney for yourself. You will see at once that the special technique of drawing pictures has become so common now.

You will be surprised at the pictures you draw. You will be amazed at your own drawings.

The parts of the job that AI is not good at will be the jobs left to humans.

A little touch will give you an idea of the AI's personality, its strengths and weaknesses. This is an important part. In other words, we will be able to see the work that will be left to humans.

If you search for "steampunk, cityscapes," you will find pictures drawn by humans, but that area is AI's forte, so if you challenge it head-on, humans will surely lose. I can say with certainty that humans will lose.

If you don't know the story behind the steampunk town, humans cannot win.



Is image-generating AI allowed?

This is another talk by Akihiro Nishino about image-generating AI. The following is a summary.

【西野亮廣】AIアートが人間を押さえて品評会で1位になった件【Voicy 切り抜き Midjourney】


「Midjourney」 painting wins first place in U.S. art fair → Artists furious

The art created at Mid Journey won first place in the digital art category at an international art fair.

The artists were upset about it, saying it was unfair. I can understand why people are angry about this. I also understand the feelings of the artists who are angry.

How far is image generation AI safe?

But, when you look at it logically, how far is it safe to go?

If it is wrong to use AI, then to what extent is it safe to use technology? If it is wrong to use AI, then to what extent is it safe to use technology?


Technology intervenes in most of the works.

For example, if it's a comic book, they may take a photo and use it as a background drawing.

For example, if it is a comic book, they may take a photo and make a line drawing of it. It is common to take a photograph and make a line drawing of it, and then modify it and use it as a background.

For example, a photograph. For example, in photo contests, in the past, the camera functions were not that good, so the skill of the photographer was very important. But nowadays, technology has improved so much that the camera can focus on the subject on its own.

But nowadays, technology has improved so much that the camera can focus on its own.

What do you base your landscapes on?

Do you paint on the site of the Seine River in Paris, France, or do you take a picture of the Seine River and paint while looking at the picture at home?

I think there are quite a few people who do the latter. I think there are a lot of people who do the latter.

Then, even those who say that technology should not be interrupted, you are also interrupting technology in no small measure, aren't you? I think there are a lot of people who are in the latter situation.


There are feelings that logic can't put to rest.

I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm not sure what to make of it either. What is out of line? What is out of line?

When you get down to the nitty-gritty, you usually end up saying, "Well, that's true, but..." But the creator has feelings that cannot be dismissed by logic.

But the creator has feelings that can't be put to rest by logic.

It's quite a gradation here. I'm sorry about technology, I use technology too, but I use it too much.

I can understand why some people say their feelings won't allow them to do so.


AI art was chosen by humans.

I think it is very interesting that AI art was chosen by humans as an artistic approach when design is "problem solving" and art is "problem definition".

I think Banksy would do something like this.

I think it is very interesting that AI art was chosen by human. What do you think about this? It is interesting as an artistic approach. It is an interesting artistic approach.

If you want to add a twist, if you want to make it interesting, in this case, the picture drawn by mid-journey was modified a lot by Photoshop. They would then submit it.

And then they win the competition. The artists would be upset. The artists deny it, get mad, and say, "We're sorry."

Then they would say, "Well, we'll start showing this one next time," and it would be interesting if they showed an oil painting they made after seeing the picture that Mid Journey made.

I think it would have been interesting if I had shown the oil paintings that I had made after seeing the pictures that Mid-Journey had made.

If you deny this, wait a minute.

If you deny it, then wait a minute...the Eiffel Tower in Paris that you are painting...did you make the Eiffel Tower?

You drew something that was made by someone else, something that was made by someone else, and then you made it into a work of art. That kind of silencing might have been interesting.




There are many different ways of thinking.

Personally, I am not a good painter, so I would like to see a future in which AI will allow me to paint freely, but I also feel sad when it narrows the job opportunities for painters who have worked hard all their lives.

But I am sad to hear that it will narrow the field of work for painters who have been working hard for a long time. I would like to keep track.