【83kg → ○○kg】What I learned after two years of following a one meal a day diet.

Janikurage has been on a one-meal-a-day diet for two years now, and is already in its third year.

When I tell someone about it, they are usually surprised. When I tell them about my hobby of janikurage, they usually just say, "Hmmm," but when I tell them that I only eat one meal a day, they are quite surprised.

What was the point of getting into it?"
Can your body handle one meal a day while you're working?"
Isn't it bad for your health?
"Are there any benefits?"
"How many pounds did you end up losing?"

I would like to answer some of the questions I have been asked, such as.

I'll even intersperse some illustrations with AI's from Midjourney, so stay tuned!


Why I started the 1 meal a day diet

Why did you start eating one meal a day? I mean, in the case of Janiculum, "I want to lose weight!" rather than "I don't want to waste time!" is the biggest reason.

Eating food makes me sleepy.

Sleeping is a waste of time, and if I work while sleepy, my efficiency will drop and I won't be able to get much done for the time I have.

Preparing food and shopping also take time, and eating food itself takes time. Cleaning up the dishes, washing the dishes, taking out the trash, etc... Eating requires a lot of time. Eating requires a lot of time.

I think that eating is a time-consuming process.

So, I decided to eat only the minimum necessary amount of food.

I thought, "Let's have one meal a day, and that will improve the quality of my life.


The main reason is to save money on food.

Janikurage does not cook for himself. If I can reduce the number of meals by two, I can save 1,600 yen per day, which is almost 50,000 yen per month. This is huge.

For a janikurage who earns a meager salary, saving 50,000 yen every month is a very happy thing. Well...I don't have any hobbies that require money, so I just put it into the S & P 500 (investment trust)....


This is how Janikurage started eating one meal a day.

If you try it, you will save time and money.

And what surprised me the most was that I was losing weight at an incredible rate.

Many diets have become popular, such as the banana diet and the apple diet, but in the end, I thought that "eating nothing" was the best way to lose weight.

My weight before I started eating one meal a day was 83 kg, and I think my BMI was about 25 (Obesity I).


How to do one meal a day? Its called the Tiger Diet!


There are many ways to do one meal a day, but in the case of Janikurage, we eat only at night.

We don't eat anything for breakfast and lunch, but instead we make it a rule that we can eat whatever and however much we want at night.

As long as I don't eat breakfast and lunch, I am allowed to eat 100 pieces of pizza at night.


This rule is based in part on the "Tiger Diet" proposed by comedian Jutaro Tamabukuro.

The "Tiger Diet" is, as the name implies, a diet to become a "tiger.

Instead of eating three small meals a day, a tiger is hungry, drooling, and eating big, hearty meals (I don't know if this is true or not).

With that image in mind, you skip breakfast and lunch, and then go hungry to the limit and eat as much as you like at night, eating like a tiger! That's the kind of diet I'm on.


Also, I often drank water and tea. Juice is not allowed, but you can drink water and tea anytime and as much as you want. Just be careful not to dehydrate. Janikurage drinks about 5 liters of water and tea total every day.




Can you last on one meal a day while working?

Janikurage's work includes some office work, but about 6 hours out of an 8-hour workday is light physical work.

While performing hard work, the job also requires a good deal of mental and physical effort, as well as customer service.


Can you survive on one meal a day while doing such work? Yes, it is possible.

Certainly, the first month or so was quite hard. Near evening, I sometimes had symptoms like low blood sugar and felt light-headed.

At night, I was hungry like a tiger and gobbled up a lot of food.


But after about a month of enduring it, I wasn't hungry much anymore. I guess I got used to it. I no longer have symptoms like low blood sugar. My stomach rarely rumbles. If it does, it is only a small rumbling sound.

I don't have to eat so much at night anymore; I used to eat about two meals a night, but now I only need about 1.3 meals a night. I guess my stomach has gotten smaller. If I eat a little too much, I feel full and sick.


Sometimes customers or staff give me sweets and I eat them during lunch break or something, but on the contrary, I feel hungry.

When my blood sugar rises after a half-hearted sugar supplement, it drops quickly, and I seem to feel more hungry at that time. When blood sugar drops rapidly, we are more likely to feel hungry. So avoid snacking in the middle of the day.

So, the body can hold up well on one meal a day; two meals a day is about as bad as it gets.

Of course, if you are a more strenuous physical worker, please note that one meal a day is likely to be too much for you.



Is one meal a day bad for your health?

Janikurage was also concerned that continuing to eat one meal a day might have a negative impact on my health.

However, after two years, I can say that I have not had any colds, nor have I had any health problems.

And I didn't get infected with COVID-19 (a new type of corona), probably not thanks to the one meal a day diet. Quite a few people at work were infected, but I was healthy and negative for janitic jellyfish all the time.

I had been warned about high blood pressure in my physical examinations three years ago, but since I started the one meal a day diet, my blood pressure has never deviated from normal blood pressure, about 120/70.

I am never late and never miss work. I continue to receive the award for perfect attendance (however, perfect attendance has been the case since before the diet).


As such, I have had no subjective symptoms of poor health or bad test results since I started eating one meal a day.

However, this is only the result of two years, and it is doubtful what will happen in the future, since there will always be nutritional imbalances due to the one meal a day diet, and I do not think it is a good idea to continue this diet until old age.


Evidence that one meal a day is good for you. Autophagy" proven by the Nobel Prize.

Have you ever heard of autophagy?

Autophagy means "eating" (phagy) "itself" (Auto).

It is a function in which cells obtain amino acids by eating and breaking down their own cytoplasmic components (e.g., synthesized proteins).

In other words, cells can replenish amino acids by eating themselves without replenishing them from outside.

There is a recycling system that collects old proteins, foreign substances, and other debris, breaks them down, and uses the amino acids produced by the breakdown for new protein synthesis. Autophagy is an important function of this recycling system that is involved in degradation.

It is a clean system that converts garbage into energy.

Yoshinori Osumi, Professor Emeritus at Tokyo Institute of Technology, won the 2016 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his elucidation of this autophagy mechanism.


And the autophagy diet makes use of this mechanism.

It has an outstanding effect on weight loss because it can replenish sugar from cellular waste without ingesting food or other substances.

It is said that autophagy becomes most active 16 hours after the last meal, making fasting for 16 hours or more a necessary part of the diet.

It may seem that you can fast for 16 hours and eat 3 meals in the remaining 8 hours, but since autophagy becomes active "after" 16 hours, fasting for more than 16 hours is more effective.

For this reason, Janikurage recommends a one meal a day diet, because the autophagy benefit is stronger if you eat one meal every 24 hours.


Also, if autophagy is active

  • Improving immunity to infectious diseases
  • Extends healthy life span and delays aging

It is believed that such effects as the following can be expected



Celebrities and entertainers who continue to eat one meal a day

The following is a list of celebrities and entertainers who are said to be practicing one meal a day.

There are many others, but the main ones are


BEAT Takeshi (Actor, film director, comedian)
Yutaka Mizutani (Actor)
Tetsuko Kuroyanagi (Actress, TV Personality, Essayist)
GACKT (Singer-songwriter, Actor)
Masaharu Fukuyama (Actor, singer-songwriter)
Masaki Kyomoto (Actor, Musician)
Kenichi Mikawa (Singer)
Tamori, comedian
Tsurutaro Kataoka, comedian and painter
Jutaro Tamabukuro (Comedian)
Takanori Nishikawa, musician
Issei Takahashi, actor
Kohei Uchimura, gymnast
Atsuhiko Nakata, YouTuber and comedian
Takumi Saito, Actor
Tatsuya Fujiwara(Actor)
Sun Plaza Nakano (Musician)
Akira Takada (Founder of Japanet Takata)
Yoshinori Nagumo (Very young looking doctor)
Yoshimichi Hoshino (President of Hoshino Resort)
Dr. Nakamatsu (inventor and businessman)
Yumi Ishihara (Doctor of Medicine)
Akemi Dare (Model, TV Personality)
Rika (Model, TV Personality)
Mimi (Pink Lady)
Maiko Ito (Actress, TV Personality)
Heki Mizuhara (Actress)
Barack Obama (Former U.S. President)
Narendra Modi (Prime Minister of India)



How many pounds did you end up losing by eating one meal a day?

I have written about it at length, but in the end, how many kilos did Janikurage lose? I was originally 183cm and 83kg, but after 3 or 4 months of eating one meal a day, I lost about 10kg.

Originally, I was 183 cm and 83 kg, but I started a diet of one meal a day and lost about 10 kg in about 3 or 4 months.

After that, I gradually lost weight, and now I weigh about 68 kg.

83kg → 68kg (BMI 20.3)

I think I have lost a good amount of weight. I could feel that I was losing weight because the pants I was wearing at work were slipping down day by day. Now it is pretty bad if I walk around with my hands full.


The trick to this diet is that you shouldn't eat snacks in the morning or at lunchtime; it's a one-meal-a-day diet, so you shouldn't eat snacks either, but that's just not human nature.

If you wake up in the morning and there is a Kit Kat in front of you, you will eat two or three of them. It is normal to think that since you can't eat until the evening, it is okay to eat a little.

The same was true for the janitorial jellyfish. However, if you keep doing that, you will not lose weight. If you eat just a little bit, for some reason you don't lose weight. Not if you live a life of snacking even a little bit between meals, even though you are not replenishing much in terms of calories. At best you will be a keeper, at worst you will gain weight. Try to continue a life without snacking. You will lose weight quickly.


You can have two meals a day and still lose weight.

It is sometimes difficult to keep eating one meal a day all day, every day.

Janikurage also eats two meals a day or snacks when he is with his family, when he goes out to eat with friends, or when he is cooped up at home on his days off.

I think I eat two meals at least one day a week.


However, if I can maintain one meal a day without snacking on other days, I can lose weight.

Don't worry if you occasionally eat two or three meals.

Keep eating one meal a day with cheat days and be patient.

I recommend it because it will save you time, extend your concentration time, and save you money on food!

(*This article is only an opinion of my experience with Janikurage, and effects may vary from person to person.)