Is V4 close? And what is nijijourney? Midjourney News!

A new beta version of Midjourney, called "nijijourney," seems to be distributed to a very limited number of people.

It is called "nijijourney" , and seems to excel in the generation of animated images.


Also, the V4 implementation is getting very close, so expectations are high.


V4 Implementation

David Holtz, CEO, updated the bulletin board at the Midjourney discord.


To summarize.

V4 implementation is close. Close, but it will still take a bit longer. This is because we need to do some final tuning.
We need your help for the tuning. We would like you, our paying members, to rate the images more and more. Please look at the pictures and rate them as good or bad. (~~ about 10 hours later~~) Thank you for your evaluation. It was good for my research. I hope to do the ranking again tomorrow or Saturday to finish the tuning. Thanks for your help.

Therefore, V4 will be implemented on or after Saturday at the earliest.

The reason for the dramatic evolution of the generated images in V3 is said to be the incorporation of a feedback loop, so it seems that they are not giving up on the feedback this time either.


I think they have already announced that V4 will be implemented by the end of this month, so it will probably be implemented around October 31.

Depending on how the tuning goes, there may be a postponement, but I hope it will go well.

I really hope it will be a great version.


About nijijourney

Midjourney's animated beta version, "nijijourney," is currently only available to a limited number of people.

On Twitter, images generated using nijijourney are circulating.

Pipo-san tweeted about it in detail, and I would like to quote from his tweet.







It looks pretty good.

Until now, when the full-body angle was used, the arms and legs were messed up, but the drawing is becoming more stable.

I have a feeling that Midjourney's popularity will increase in Japan as well, if the anime-like drawings improve.


Conditions for using nijijourney?




If you send /info on the appropriate channel, you will be given a role.

If you have generated 10,000 images, you will then be granted the 10,000Club role.

Then it seems that you will be able to enter the 10,000Club channel.


I wonder if being 10000Club is a condition for being able to use nijijourney?

By the way, Janikurage was 5000Club.

Up to 5000Club, but a channel has also appeared.

Well, no need to rush, the V4 implementation will be here soon, and I think my sinusitis is getting stronger, so I'm off to bed today!

See you tomorrow!